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ThermTac Ghost Suit Products
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Smoking Gun Document

The National Gun Control Debate: Chasing Technology: Emotions vs. Logic

ICE Agent Commits Suicide - Commentary by John Moore

IMPORTANT: Geiger Counters and Potassium Iodide Tablets (Click Images below for more info)

Confederate Battle and Christian Flags Now Available -
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Abrupt Climate Change Information:

Abrupt Climate Change Scenario &  It's Implications for U.S. National Security

A Worst Case Scenario?

The Gulf-stream Has STOPPED!

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Impacts of Space Weather on the Electronic Grid  and
EMP Commission Executive Report 2008, Large Transformers and the U.S. Electric Grid,

Global Sea Level Rise:  Coincidence or Foreshadow?


Chris Kyle; A Texas Goodbye


The Liberty Man

What to Watch For...

I’ve updated the packing list of times gone by. If you know of an item that should be posted let me know and I’ll add it. That said, watch for the following:

  • Orchestrated heighten Racial tension
  • Religious tension Christian blamed for attacks on Muslim Etc.
  • Shortages Food & so forth
  • Sudden up & down in the stock market, then a sudden stabilization
  • Attack on Americans as Domestic Terrorist
  • Americans disappearing
  • Fuel Shortages
  • Sudden registration of Vehicle for travel
  • GPS-ing of private of vehicles
  • Consolidation of School districts and police Departments (IE: Joint task Forces) etc.
  • Constant call for retaliation against another Nation for whatever
  • Unnecessary Police road blocks
  • Request for personal information from public officials

Ever wonder why Lowe’s & Home Depot & other ask you for your home telephone number? That is because each time you pay with a credit device, a master list is being sent by retailer to Department of Homeland security (DHS).

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