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The Liberty Man

John has been receiving requests for a "timeline" or "date" from people for years requesting when they must be ready for "It". Beginning in 2015, John jokingly started responding "At 3:00 P.M. Tomorrow". John now feels compelled to now give a specific month, and year, for folks to focus on. A goal to achieve. A target date to work towards.

 Field Training Exercise USS Liberty December 31, 2018

John says that "December 31st 2018 is the day before January 1st 2019". He further says" You want a date? I'll give you a date". He gives this date for all of the "Procrastinators" who will not do the things they need to do unless, or until, they are given a "date". So, for all you "procrastinators" out there, this one's for you.


Use this date as you see fit. Odds are if you're reading this you already know the threats we face:

1.) Economic collapse leading to civil disorder.
2.) WW III
3.) Rapid Onset Violent Earth Changes
4.) Widespread terrorist attacks
5.) Natural or man-made EMP

John's advice:

1.) Get your spiritual house in order.
2.) Acquire the skills you will need.
3.) Establish and work with your team
4.) Establish your "Safe Haven"

A.) Get a spiral notebook
B.) Make a "Master List" of all your goals
C.) Dedicate one page to each goal
D.) Check off each goal from your master list as you move forward
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