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Abrupt Climate Change Scenario &  It's Implications for U.S. National Security

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John Moore, Authorized Rocket Heater® Dealer

What is a Rocket Heater?

Rocket Heaters are by far the most economical wood stove to have ever been put on the market to date. Its design is a direct descendant to rocket mass heating technology and it shows! It uses one fourth the wood a typical wood stove uses and does so by burning tree limbs and large sticks, while being one of the cleanest burning wood stoves in existence. This high efficiency is accomplished by maximizing draft and the oxygen supply, effectively utilizing similar principles that large scale metallurgical blast forges use to create steel and other industrial product. Most conventional wood stoves use either a catalytic converter or limit the air supply as to re-ignite the gases later. These conventional systems are hard to maintain, overly complex, less efficient, and very expensive. But these conventional approaches are completely circumvented by the Liberator Rocket Heater, which also uses a second principle of efficiency all other designs blatantly ignore, which is maximizing the thermodynamics of heat transfer. After all, a good clean burn is completely irrelevant if all the heat goes straight up the chimney and into the sky. Convection, conduction, and radiation (infrared) are the three ways heat transfers into a room. The heat is most efficiently 'pumped' out (via convection, conduction, and radiation) by maximizing the volume of the stove which slows the gases soon to be exhausted, and maximizing the surface area of the stove the exhaust gases contact. In addition, the geometric concept of having an internal chimney maximizes the draft, thus creating a 'forge' effect as mentioned earlier, and only permits gases that are substantially cooler than the top to fall to the bottom of the wood stove and vent into the chimney, which is attached to the bottom of the stove. All this 'thinking out of the box wood stove' engineering means that this Rocket Heater will often reach temperatures as high as 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees Celsius) in less than ten minutes from start. It will reach its optimal 'idle' temperature of 650 degrees Fahrenheit in about half an hour. If you put seasoned hardwood in the heater, it can reach temperatures as high as 750 degrees Fahrenheit on the top plate. All these high temperatures are maintained throughout the heater, yet the stove pipe remains well under 300 degrees (measured 6" inches back) on average. And it does this with nothing more than sticks, branches, and split staves less than 2" inches in diameter. You can use this heater for a full hour without refueling if you use hardwood and around 45 minutes with branches and softwood. One fourth of an 18" inch long log split into staves can provide this extreme amount of heat for well over a couple hours. Starting a fire in the Liberator Rocket Heater takes no more than a half minute with some practice, please refer to our user manual. Chainsaws (which are gasoline powered thus partially defeating the purpose of heating with wood) are the number one tool involved in accidents on the job in America, and axes aren't much safer. Reducing the time behind these tools reduces the chances of losing a finger. With the Liberator Rocket Heater you're not juts helping the environment and being more independent, your reducing the amount of time and energy spent in felling trees. Even if you use natural gas for heating, the average American household uses over 183,000 cubic feet of natural gas a year, which amounts to an annual yearly gas cost of over $800 on average. If you could save even just half that per year, the Liberator Rocket Heater will have paid for itself in a few years, and after that its all savings. If you're using fuel oil or propane, you know very well that you can't afford NOT to have this heater!


36" Tall X 26" Deep X 16" Wide



Rocket Heaters earliest known relative, the Rocket Stove, were originally conceived of in 1982 by Dr. Larry Winiarsky for the Aprovecho Research Center. Lanto Evans of the Cobb Cottage Co. then proceeded to apply Dr. Winiarsky principles on cook stoves to household heating using Cobb as a thermal mass, in effect creating a unique masonry heater. Ernie and Erica Wisner then picked up on this technology, and further developed it into a full fledged masonry heater.


Since that time Rocket Heaters, and their masonry counterparts, Rocket Mass Heaters, have taken off with the general public and have seen almost viral like attention throughout the internet, particularly on permaculturalist, ecology, nature, botany, self sufficient living, homesteaders, and the off grid living forums and their respective community's and sub cultures.


Rocket Heaters have grown and continue to evolve out of a necessity to use wood cleanly and sustainably as a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional heating sources, and to rival gas and electric as the sustainable and economical heating source of the next century.

Please note that masonry heaters and heaters with thermal mass are not UL listed and must be built on site. So unless you are a professional or know what you are doing, and your home's foundation can support over 1200 pounds of weight, and assuming your insurance will cover such a heater and your building codes will allow it, then chances are this type of masonry heater is probably not going to be viable for you.

A Yahoo! News Article about high heating costs.

The polar vortex caused nationwide shivers when it swept across the United States in early January. Now it’s causing convulsions and hyperventilating as millions of American open their latest heating bill.

Emma Turpin of Richmond, Kentucky, got a $140 electric bill in December, which is typical. But the bill for January spiked to $429, which is almost equal to the $450 in monthly rent she and her husband pay for a one-level, two-bedroom house. “We’re still trying to figure out how we’re going to pay it,” she says. With a two-month-old baby at home, she’s reluctant to turn the heat down by much, as a lot of people do to cut heating bills. To shave costs, the family is eating in more and curtailing trips to Walmart, which saves on gas and provisions both. Turpin also hopes to sell a few of her fancier handbags and other items on eBay, but interest is tepid.

“It seems like everybody’s in a rut right now,” she says. As a last resort, she and her husband may see if local churches or the Salvation Army can offer any kind of heating assistance.


You can read the full article if you want at:

Don't find yourself caught off guard by the winter chills hitting you with your utility bills. A good efficient wood stove is not only an investment in a cheaper, greener heating/cooking appliance, its insurance for when the going gets tough, be it a power outage, financial peril, or anything else old man winter in conjunction with Murphy's Law could throw your way...

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