Frequently Asked Questions

How strong is the frame?

We designed the frame out of Aircraft Aluminum Alloy and tempered it to have the strength of steel but without the weight.. A steel frame is four times heavier.

Is the cover water proof?

The cover is made of a multi laminate polymer with rip stop nylon grid fibers. It is similar to the material used in the Denver, CO airport, but not as thick. The cover will hold out water to 90 lb/sq/in, and there are no seams to leak.. Unlike tent canvas, no water proofing treatments are required and snow easily slides off of the cover.

How many people can it shelter?

The 16′ unit will house up to ten, and the 24′ will house up to twenty. The frame is strong enough to support four to five hammocks from the “hubs” for extra sleeping capacity..

Does the Turtle Tuff come with a stove flue jack?

Our #4 packages come with a great wood stove and a high temp flue jack kit to protect the cover from hot flue pipes passing to the outside..

What is the light system like?

With the #4 packages, we provide a solar panel to create 12 volt electricity from the sun, and a 72 element LED light bar (bat not included). The light bar requires 4ea NiCad or NiMH AA batteries, which are recharged by the solar panel. This will provide ongoing light (75 watt equiv.) for many years…..

How much wind can it take?

The dome frame is designed to withstand 147mph of wind when securely staked to the ground. The cover and attaching system will also take very high wind speeds…. The dome shape also helps make the unit aerodynamic so wind will slip over the surface.

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Customer Testimonials

"We have a 16' unit and have been impressed with the portability and ease of set up. We would recommend the Turtle Tuff Shelter to anyone!"
Jared and Sandy