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The Liberty Man

A Worst Case Scenario

First, my apology for not "connecting the dots" on this matter sooner. I, of all people, should have figured this out 2+ years ago.

OK, here we go: The subject matter of this paper is the largest migration of people since WWII, namely Muslims from Syria and other parts of the Middle East into Europe and  North America. The Main Stream Media has been mostly focused on the war in Syria as the primary cause of this migration. While the war is certainly a major reason, there is another more elementary, underlying reason. That reason being: the worst drought in 900 years!

For the past 20 years, the entire Middle East has been suffering from the worst drought in 900 years. This has led to millions of people abandoning their ancestral homes and farms to migrate to cities and then attempt to immigrate to Europe and North America.

This fact brings us to another piece of the puzzle. That piece being the paper published in October 2003 titled "An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and It's Implications For United States National Security" by Peter Schwartz and Doug Randall. Be advised: this paper was paid for with your tax dollars by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Since July of 2010, I have referred to this paper as "The scariest 22 pages you will ever read". Why July of 2010, you ask? That's because I learned in July of 2010 that the worst case scenario outlined by Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Randall (that being the Gulf Stream stopping) had commenced  June 12th of 2010.

Let's back up a bit. The D.O.D. tasked Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Randall to research and write a report on the consequences of two future (at that time, probably 2001, or so) events:

1.) The Gulf Stream slowing down severely.
2.) The Gulf Stream stopping completely.

The D.O.D. didn't just pull this task out of their hat. No, there was already a growing body of scientific evidence that the Gulf Stream was loosing an ever larger percentage of it's mass and velocity. There was already a growing concern about this matter, thus the assignment to these two men. To write this paper, these men interviewed: Climatologist's, Agricultural Experts, Economists, Politicians, Oceanographers and Military Experts.

When I first read the paper in the Fall of 2004 I thought "If these events (The Gulf Stream slowing down severely, or stopping completely) ever happen, we're in deep trouble". It's ironic that when I re-read the paper in August of 2010, (even though I knew very well what I'd be reading) the paper took on a whole new perspective, meaning, level of concern, above and beyond what I'd originally felt in 2004. In case you don't know, aren't aware, weather in the Northern Hemisphere began to spin wildly out-of-control the Summer of 2010. I documented the beginning of this in my paper titled:  The Gulf Stream Has Stopped.

I'm not inclined to re-write what I wrote in my paper, or the D.O.D. report. However, for the sake of getting your attention and (hopefully) getting you to read both attached reports, I will say that the D.O.D. report on the consequences of the Gulf Stream stopping are: War, Famine and Mass Migrations of millions of people.
Another teaser: The Gulf Steam used to (past tense) regulate the Jet Stream, causing the Jet Stream to behave and regulate weather in the Northern Hemisphere in a rather predictable manner.

All of the above which brings us back to the refugee crises now taking place. Schwartz and Randall got it correct: Mass Migrations of millions of people, right now, in our face, in real time. Oh yes, don't forget war, famine, economic collapse and social disorder.

Most indigenous peoples, most of the time, will fight to keep their ancestral lands against all enemies. That's normal, that's expected. However, once you figure out that your ancestral farm land can no longer support your family then, leaving becomes a very desirable goal. That's what's taking place in Syria, parts of Iraq and other areas of the Middle East. If there's no longer an agriculturally viable ancestral homeland to fight for, why fight?

It's time to reference one of my favorite Hollywood films The Day After Tomorrow ,starring Dennis Quaid. This film (released in 2004) has the following primary plot/premise: The consequences of the Gulf Stream stopping. There's a bit of real science in the film and some science fiction. However, I usually tell people that we are living the scenario outlined in the film in slow motion.

Bugs & Insects

A segue into a related and extremely important matter. Unless you're an Entomologist, or farmer, most likely the only thoughts you have about insects are quite negative. However, pests that they are, they are also not optional to our world functioning. I first became aware of what's going on Labor Day weekend (end of August 2010) when I drove on the Interstate highway East to West the entire length of New York State, at night, at the speed limit. Then again in June of 2015 I drove North on the Interstate highway in Fl at night, at the speed limit. In both cases:

1.) When I stopped for fuel I noticed perhaps 8 or 10 bugs on the windshield.
2.) The very bright, white lights at the service station had so few bugs flying around the lights, that you could easily count them.

I've since interviewed a person with strong connections to confidential government sources learning that:
  1. Within 100 miles of the Atlantic Coast, Gulf Coast and Pacific Coast there are virtually no bugs.
  2. The mid-west is regarded as a haven where insects are still plentiful and a possible source to replenish those missing from the coasts.
So, John, what's the big deal? I repeat my above statement: Insects are not optional for our world to function i.e. no bugs, no world, period.

To summarize: We are the generation that will (and already is) be observing, living, and eventually suffering, the consequences of the Gulf Stream stopping. No, the Gulf Stream won't re-start (OK, it might in 1,000+ years). No, there's nothing the U.S. Government (or any government) can (or will) do of any consequence to mitigate the effects of the Gulf Stream stopping.  I have no hope of this short article convincing you of anything by itself. No, you'll need to read the attached two articles, review the offered evidence, and convince yourself of the veracity of what I claim.

Therefore: YOYO (You're On Your Own). My mantra for quite a few years is to establish, become part of, a productive hobby farm in a safe area (such as the Arkansas-Missouri Ozarks). Listen to my radio show (M-F 0600 to 0800 CDT, one can listen live, or go to the archives.  Acquire the skills, tools and supplies you need to become self sufficient.  Last, but not least, Pray, Pray, Pray.
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