Monday, 28 September, 2020



AMERICAS:  CURRENT THREAT LEVEL USA:  HIGH    Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. This is more from the USA Leader who gave bayat to Islam and to Islam alone, the Leader who married her own brother, The leader  who had an adulterous affair with a married man, the Leader who prays for Jihad, the Leader who prayed two white mujahidin would detonate an IED in her home State, The Leader who hates the country that rescued her from Somalia and the Kenya Refugee camps;  The leader who is willing to give away the sovereignty of this once great nation away to the UN/OIC  so they can control the Border USA states of Mexico;   The USA Leader who is in full support of OIC nations;  The Leader who stated she was African, not  American, The Leader who asked the court to give leniency to members of DAESH, The Leader who now asks for the release of a Mujihadah,  the Leader who is overtly an anti-Semitic, The Leader who cheated on her income tax returns, The Leader who expresses her contempt for the USA Military, The Leader who told her Islamic audience to “Raise Hell and Make people uncomfortable”,  The USA leader who was elected the “2019 Anti-Semite of the year,  this is happening in the USA now.  Remember, Ilhan Omar represents her constituents who agree with all Ilhan Omar says and does.  This is how the Quran Expresses it:   “Urge the Believers to fight” Surah 8:65 ("Raise Hell); “We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve” Surah 3:151;   "I will Cast Terror into the Hearts of those who have disbelieved” Surah 8:12 ("Make the People Uncomfortable");    This is how Ilhan Omar expresses it:  “Raise Hell and make the People uncomfortable"!  RQ: What in the World is Ilhan Omar Trying to do?  Someone has to ask Ilhan Omar to Define "Raise Hell"; who are "The People"; and how do you intend to make them "Uncomfortable"? “Trump needs to immediately divest from his businesses and comply with the emoluments clause. Iran could threaten Trump hotels *worldwide* and he could provoke war over the loss of revenue from skittish guests. His business interests should not be driving military decisions.”  Ilhan Omar has provided suggestions to Iran to destroy Trump Hotels around the world.  Ilhan Omar is targeting for Iran, her code has been broken!

It is evident that Ilhan Omar speaks in code:   “Some People did something”.  This means the People of Ilhan Omar’s Faith, the people of Islam (“Some People”), murdered thousands of People (“did Something”).    Ilhan Omar’s code has been decoded!   What kind of Marxist, Communist, Progressive, Plot is this????  It is hard to hear, but VPOTUS said:  “Clap to that you stupid bastards” after he was taking credit for sending the Airforce LT to the AF Academy, what a maroon!
















AZERBAIJAN/KARABAHK/ARMENIA/GEORGIA:  A communist and a member of Ummat al Islam!     Armenia is backed by the Russians and Azerbaijan is backed by Turkey.  




UIK/IRELAND:  CURRENT THREAT LEVEL UIK:  BEYOND CRITICAL:   LOST    Police commander Ade Adelekan said: "As the crowds began to swell in Trafalgar Square, it became impossible for people maintain social distancing and keep each other safe. In the interest of public safety, officers then worked quickly to disperse crowds."      So in order to keep the people safe the POLICE started Cracking Skulls, huh!












CHINA:  Read: “ Bully of Asia”; “ Deceiving the Sky”; “The Art of War”; “The Hundred Year Marathon”; “The World According To XI”;  “Showdown”;  “Stealth War”.  




CYBERSECURITY/SPACE FORCE:     Bad move since the FBI has been infiltrated with Commie spies and Ummat al Islam spies for decades. 


OIC/OSCE/UN/IMA/CPCC:  Read “Catastrophic Failure” Part IV.  “Among the most surprising  and disappointing aspects of the National Security and Law Enforcement communities is their chronic lack of awareness of the Key Players on the other side.  I can brief an auditorium full of officers, ask them about the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and see blank faces”.  Stephen Coughlin Author.    Folks, this is a sad aspect of the people who are protecting the USA, I saw it myself at the G2 level.   If you do not know your enemy, you will be defeated on the battlefield.  Anna yafham Islam, do you?