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Utah High Desert Riverfront Safe Haven

 Utah High Desert Riverfront Safe Haven 

Are you seeking a remote site for your safe haven? Really remote? This property may be exactly what you need! No electric service, no land line telephone, no high-speed fiber-optic internet.

3 miles (approximately) total riverfront on the two parcels in the high desert of Utah. It's five miles from Green River (population 900+) UT, in Emery County (the county seat is Castle Dale, UT). A Prepper's delight, there are 1,000's of tons of marketable gravel and level areas for your garden, chickens, goats, perhaps a milk cow and more than enough level ground for your home and out-buildings.

The cave has two entrances. It's believed a Mountain Lion has taken up residence in the cave? You're more than welcome to visit the cave and determine if that's true!

Amazing Jurassic Era geology (fossils? dinosaur bones? possibly).

These two parcels a 90 acre parcel and the 140 acre parcel costs less than $100 combined per year in property taxes. 

The most recent inquiry by the owner found that water wells could still be drilled in land bordering the river. 

Oil and gas rights have been sold, but the sand and gravel rights were retained along with the other mineral rights in this sale.

On the 140 acre parcel, in the shoreline picture, you can see the distinct line of where the gravel deposit ends on the river bank and where limestone (greenish gray) begins.  This is the most shallow part of the deposit, as the property stair steps up and of the 12 sampling digs going down 24 feet, only one reached the limestone.  So the deposit is deep.  And there is a 2-3 inches overburden (which is very good) over the majority of the deposit on the property. 

The owner's last inquiry found there was still availability of a rail spur to be run. It's currently unknown the status of the rail spur availability.

Access would be with a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) permit through the bordering BLM lands.  Utah law states that no property can be landlocked. The BLM easement permit takes some time but is not much of a constraint, especially for a construction company/aggregate buyer.

The CMC analysis done in 2004 will provide details.

The two parcels may be bought separately: The 140 acre parcel 2.7 million dollars and the 90 acre parcel for 349K.

The price for both parcels is  2.85 million dollars (a discount of 199K).

For those serious about this property, we have plat maps.

Call, or email John Moore for details. thelibertyman@aol.com 314-965-3007


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