Monday May 4, 2020

RE:  WWIII (From a U.S. Retired Army Officer)

Okay, I just got off the phone with a retired Brigadier General who goes to the Pentagon on a regular basis, as requested, to give his insight. I’ve seen his photo when XXX stopped by his house XXX  XXX XXX. He asked: "Do you really want to know? They will be watching you for me sharing information". I told him "Brother they already are and they can enjoy the show" lol. He then told me “What the hell do you think the government has been preparing you for"?

"This war is coming here. China is on the way and positioning themselves. What do you need face mask for? Bombs, dust, etc. If the gov't came out and said we are about to go to war on our soil people would panic run to stores and be complete chaos. BUT... if we have you prepare for a virus and stock up on food and mask and first aid, then your ready when it happens. We are bringing all the troops home for a fight. They aren’t dying of sickness. They need a reason to come back without alerting the public.”

I’ve known him for a long time. He has always told me things way before I ever seen them on the news...