Top 16 FACTS & Addendum - CovID19 Planned Demic – Prof. James McCanney

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1) This is a planned war on the public – everything is scripted.
2) The CovID19 virus is a laboratory virus manufactured and distributed by the CIA and
US military “Deep State” run by the World Bank. This is the shadow government.
3) The “test” for the virus is a general PCR test and does not test for the specific CovID19
virus nor even so called “corona viruses”. People with other illness will test positive.
4) The original “plan” did not work as the effect of the virus has been minimal (they
expected millions of dead within weeks).
5) When the numbers did not materialize, they lied about the numbers by misclassifying
deaths (via the corrupt CDC’s death certificate) and augmenting “confirmed cases”
using the fake “test”. The news media reports “confirmed cases” using a false test.
6) The news media and government officials are using this to gain and maintain
unbridled power (they are following the script). All levels of government have been
infiltrated and are under control. All aspects of modern life will be controlled
including energy, water, food, housing, travel at all levels, ability to meet,
telecommunications, employment, money, commerce, weather, “climate”, border
control, media, news and reporting, government at all levels, corporations and more.
7) The Goal was to eventually force vaccines with chip implants on the entire population
of the world as part of the Bill Gates Foundation depopulation and pharmaceutical
companies’ strategy for global control. Bill Gate’s companies own the patents.
8) Many control technologies are being rolled concurrent with CovID19 including 5G.
9) All real leaders (e.g. President Trump) have lost control and are the subject of a
complex chess game ... the end game is being controlled ... as Trump “opens” America
there will be ongoing “surges” of virus outbreaks planted to prevent return to normal.
10) The medical and legal industries are in on the deception.
11) The world economy and complete control of the public is the end game ... to divide
and destroy all culture of the past and start a cashless society. All personal rights and
land are being taken away. Decenters will be singled out and eliminated. Your
communications and ability to assemble and talk will be limited and curtailed.
12) This is the only chance the world banker run networks have to control the world ...
“for the common good” and “diversity”.
13) These are the same groups including the CIA (the police force of the World Bank) that
brought you 911, and all the other issues that we have faced over the past 50+ years.
14) We have to arrest all of these people and execute them.
15) Normal legal and criminal justice systems will be used against the public so new courts
must be initiated. Governments do not represent the people. The Pope is involved.
16) The public is on their own and have no representation. Obeying the illusion of
government is an error. The world is being destroyed. Continue to next page.


The following contains additional information necessary to unravel the lies.
1) Public “mass testing” will be used prior to releasing the public based on the fake test.
2) Since the test is false, millions of peoples’ lives will be destroyed by having a positive
test (estimated 80% false positive). I repeat, this is not a test for the virus but PCR
levels. So, we will not know who has the virus ... people with strong auto-immune
systems who have the virus will test negative and people with immunodeficiencies
will test positive. The ongoing house arrest policy is based on false statistics.
3) Mass testing will be used for required mass vaccinations with 5G micro-chip implants.
4) Vaccinations are useless against anyone who already has the virus.
5) Effective treatments will be blocked by the archaic and corrupt “FDA Approval”
allowing only Big Pharma to “find the cure”.
6) Many remedies have already been discovered and are being used effectively but will
be outlawed by the Big Pharma controlled FDA/CDC. Ventilators are killing victims.
7) The maximum length of time for any mass quarantine should never exceed the latency
time of the communicable disease (in the case of CovID19 about 21 days).
8) Selective quarantine should have been used from the beginning.
9) Countries that have had no quarantine are doing fine. The countries with maximum
deaths were targeted where the virus was introduced for maximum effect. China
quarantined for 3 weeks and returned to normal. Many have immunity to CovID19.
10) The collateral damage of people dying or having serious medical issues due to lack of
medical treatment far outweighs issues caused by CovID19.
11) The International Monetary Fund (IMF) World Bank started immediately to give
enormous loans to all countries of the world and corrupt officials signed the loans in
the name of its citizens. In the United States the first of many loans was $6 trillion.
That is $80,000 USD per person. The government then gives each person just $1200.
What is going to happen with all the other money? It goes to the wealthy. The entire
world is now indebted to the World Bank FOREVER!!!
12) Decades of well-planned preparations are being executed now including consolidation
of public land for the ultra rich through “land protection”.
13) Whenever any honest government official dares to open up a region or state to return
to normal there will be a “spike” in CovID19 cases in that region. Watch this with
precise regularity. Watch the news media hype this to maintain control.
14) It is difficult to fight an enemy that you cannot see. This is the perfect scenario for
world control and was well planned by the Rothschild World Bank decades ago.
15) You are part of an international psychological experiment to watch the public as they
start to go crazy and react as International Marshall Law ensues with the people vs the
police and armies that they paid for to protect them. “Lock Step” is the term defined
by the controllers to force the world public into a forced uniform activity. Forced
damage with created “natural disasters” will be the norm.

Top 16 FACTS of the CovID19 Planned Demicide – ADDENDUM # 2 – Prof James McCanney

Before reading the following ADDENDUM # 2 please read the original 16 point FACTS sheet
with ADDENDUM # 1. This an addition to the information. Each topic here could be
expanded with pages of history and perspective but is kept short to hit the main topics. The
response is that the public has to pick a DATE such as May 4 th 2020 and return to normal life
without the “consent” of the governing bodies. We will have a lot of work to do including
starting a new banking system, medical system, monetary system, and also arresting
replacing the corrupt government officials who have perpetrated this crime on the country.
There is a lot of clean up work to do to get this country on the right track.
1)2)3)4)Grooming the Police, local governments and courts. Over past decades part of the
master global ruling elite plan was to control local police units as well as courts and
local governmental units ... to control the public at the local levels. For this their front
line was to make sure the “goon” mentality reigned in the local police units. They
screened applicants and eliminated police that would not turn on their own brothers
and sisters and neighbors to inflict the rules that were coming.
The Pope rules over 1.2 Billion people ... he is not a real pope but an imposter. Long
ago the hierarchy of the Catholic Church was overtaken by Jesuits who were not
Catholic but converts from another “religion”. Once they gained control, they began
operating the Vatican with its front agency the Rothschild (Red Shield) world banking
empire. This was first fueled by the tremendous wealth gained from the “New World”
as Spanish, Portuguese and English navies plundered the Americas and riches of the
Inca, Maya and Aztecs along with untold natural resources. It all ultimately went to
the Vatican treasury. They advanced the slave trade world wide and ruled over kings
and queens forming alliances that are still managing the world today. They arranged
weddings of royalty with the “blessing of God”. They started wars of conquest and
ended regimes like the Czars of Russia. They created international police forces which
are still operating world wide today (dominated today by the CIA housed in the USA).
They managed revolutions like the Russian revolution. You never see their names or
faces. They have pawns like the Bushes, Clintons, Gates and countless others. They
operate the Military Industrial Complex though their networks of families that span
borders and international boundaries. Through their “Federal Reserve Bank” they
loan the USA “money” and tax via the IRS. Pedophilia is their hallmark.
Draconian “rules”. $1000 fine for watching the sunset in San Diego. Yes ... who made
this one up? Where did these people come? Where did they get their power?
Education ... dividing adults from the youth. The educational system in the USA was
absconded with LONG AGO. It was psychological programing and will continue now
as kids are “allowed” back in schools with required “virus testing”, social distancing,
forced vaccinations with 5G micro-chip implants, 5G oversight of everything including
“measuring your feelings”, draconian rule with type A psycho-controllers at the helm
5)6)7)8)9)10)11)running their little fiefdoms and a curriculum that would make Joseph Stalin or
If you think all the school shootings were just happenstance ... just a few crazy kids
whose parents had guns in the house ... you missed the point. The shooter almost
always died, his computer and everything sequestered and NO ONE EVER KNEW THE
REAL STORY. There was NEVER an investigation into the common thread that all these
kids were in school on “medical” drug programs and ultimately in mind control
programs sponsored by your friendly local CIA chapter. Some of the shootings were
scripted where the police stood down or there was an “exercise” underway that day.
Pedophilia reigns in the school systems, government at all levels, and the Vatican.
Satan worship reigns in government, Hollywood, the music industry, the MSM main
stream news media with the CIA on top of all of this to destroy the Family Unit.
CIA controlled NASA has robbed you of your birthright as a member of the human race
... your birth right to the stars. In 1991 George Bush (Schiff) Sr. selected Dan Golden
from the CIA to run NASA. I watched as people retired, were fired and the entire
organization had the lid put on. Yes ... NASA ... your friendly space agency went psy-
ops. Not that they were not already controlled from the earliest days of the Apollo
moon program, but this secured space for the elite, never to return to you.
Who is the CIA? They are the police force of the Rothschild World Bank and in the
hierarchy of national and international affairs, they set on top of all with their world
reign of terror and chaos. The Rockefeller branch runs the USA. They are the ones
pulling the strings. The Queen of England holds her power as part of the World Bank.
Bill Gates is a lacky New World Order Pawn. He is mistakenly called one of the richest
men in the world. He and his satanic wife “Melinda” (ex-Catholic now head of Baby
Death International) are useful pawns in the World Bank list of useful idiots. If you
see their faces and names, they are useful pawns. This includes the Bushes, Clintons,
Gates, and a LONG LONG list that goes down the line to your local mayor and even
county clerk. Gates owns patents of ID2020 and vaccines he wants everyone to take.
Election fraud. The 2016 election did not go according to the “plan”. It will not
happen again. They cannot let the chance of the US public ever having the
opportunity to elect another president. It was supposed to have been the baby eating
Hillary Clinton at the helm. Finishing the job of national destruction started by the
Bushes and Obama before her. Yes, it was finally “her turn” as she put it. Eight years
earlier she had to succumb to Obama taking the presidential office as the Rockefellers
dumped her from the Democratic ticket. She thought she was going to be queen bee
and they showed her who she worked for. She then had to grovel being Secretary of
State under Obama who she hated with Michael Obama as the First “Lady” (aka man)
in the white house where Hillary had reigned supreme during the Bill Clinton
presidency. Yes, running operations like the massacre at Waco, and many other
accomplishments not the least of which was managing the CIA drug and human
trafficking operations to make sure all went well. BUT the American public read her
card and she lost to a completely new candidate who paid for his own campaign and
had never run for political office before. NOPE the rulers who controlled Clinton had
all the voter fraud in place ... it was supposed to have been one of the biggest
landslide victories in political history. After all Hillary and Bill orchestrated the JFK jr
air “accident” to grease the skids for Hillary to win the New York senate and
eventually her White House bid. Nothing could stand in her way. Her CIA handers
were well in place to make sure that the 2016 presidential voting was rigged (my
estimate 17 million illegal votes). So fast forward to today. The “corona virus” is
their ultimate play to fix the 2020 election and bring the USA back to “democratic
rule”. Out of corona virus chaos will come a fixed election from presidential office
down to the lowest local official. In November of 2016 I wrote a comprehensive Voter
Fraud White Paper – The 10 Top Was to Cheat on a Federal Election (updated January
2017 using data from the 2016 election) which showed that Hillary Clinton received no
less than 17 million illegal votes and still lost the election. Undoubtedly the most
corrupted voting system in the history of voter fraud in the USA. The same voter
fraud system has been exposed throughout the USA by many others. What is
remarkable is that the collusion went to the lowest levels of the voting system at the
precinct level where citizens including little old women and men were involved in
cooking the numbers. The same voter fraud has been a work in major metropolitan
areas for decades giving many local politicians unbridled rule with many senators and
congressmen being elected for decades by the same voter fraud machines. When
they say the “Clinton Political Machine” this is a true statement. Both the Democrat
and Republican parties merged to become a single corrupt system operated from
above with these people compromised with pedophilia and other forms of control.
The Trump election was an aberration for which “they” ... the World Bank, CIA and
other deep state shadow government agencies ... would mount an all out effort to
bring back rule under their control never to relinquish again. Enter Corona Virus 2020.
12) This was the plan all along and would be fully implemented with shut down of all
opposing radio shows, internet, social media, and all forms of life under the firm hand
of Heir Hillary (with Bill being the second First Man in the White House molesting
woman and snorting cocaine in the west wing). The plan that is now unfolding is
nothing new. It was in the planning stages for decades. The only slight twist was that
Trump got elected and much to the surprise to everyone he actually was turning
things around and bringing dignity back to the people and the world. Under HRC this
would have been a shoe in operation and the final nail in the coffin of the USA and the
ushering if of what George Bush Sr. called “The New World Order”. They are forging
ahead with this plan. The “Trump” era is to be viewed as a slight aberration in a well
planned scheme to control the entire world. Many people in the past have tried to
secure world dominance ... Xerxes, Alexander the Great and Adolf Hitler are just a few
of the names that come to mind. Finding people with tendencies to own and rule the
entire world is nothing new. In all cases, they all ultimately failed. But the damage
they unleashed on the world changed nations, devasted untold lives and administered
untold death and destruction in their wakes. They all amassed armies of untold
strength and extent. People worshipped them and did their bidding. Again, nothing
new here under the sun.

Serve this as a wakeup call that the greatest republic the
world has ever seen was taken over by a long term well
executed plan and we have to correct our mistakes for letting
this happen and be ever vigilant in the future to not ever let
this happen again ... starting with teaching the children as well
as removing the rule by fear that has imprisoned the minds of
the people. Make no mistake that the criminals that have
perpetrated this will not go away and have all their measures
in place to quell any resistance. We will pay dearly for these
mistakes but the other option will be far more costly.