Stephen O'Neal Commentaries, 01 through 30 August, 2022

10 August, 2022

 I Could Not Have Said It Better...

   All please consider these words from Armstrong today [1], as I could not have said it better.  For much of my life Russia represented a cold, gray place of frightful human suppression and political solipsism, whose intelligence service and oppressive commitment to military priorities threatened our very existence.  Now the shoe is fully visible on the other foot, as the West, including its foundered conservatives in possum-training and impotent gossip, suffocate under a scum layer of wokeness, institutionalised censorship, and pre-war lockstep economic demolition packaged within a trite recipe of ideological imperialism, and people who fled Russia a number of years ago now flee back.  We see that even Henry Kissinger, a quintessential operative of global power projection, has turned the tables of responsibility for the next great world war.  It is not necessarily that the iniquities of Russia should be expunged, but that the greater crime and blood of days to come are now on the hands of those who criticise her, and with conspicuous irony.

   I would suggest that these neocons who think that they, as buttered sycophants for yet another budding antichrist, can wage a conventional war to  grind down the oppositions to their golden goddess, reconsider themselves.  Darkness of character and purposes is endemic to every venue, but when bastions of freedom and refuge succumb to hypocrisy, there is no place left to be at peace and even pretend.