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Help Wanted:

  • Global Marketing Opportunities Part-time Postilions Available

  • This is a part-time straight commission sales position.  You will be marketing John Moore for speaking engagements and consultations to US and European speakers bureaus, companies and associations.

    The first speaking engagement from a bureau, company, or association will be a 10% commission of the speaking fee. Every speaking engagement from the same entity will be a 5% commission.

    Other than having marketing skills, you must have:

    1.) A computer with high-speed internet connection.
    2.) A Skype account & headphones for overseas calls (I pay for the Skype calls)
    3.) A regular telephone for US calls (I presume you will use a cellular telephone with no long-distance charges).

    If interested, contact John via e-mail at thelibertyman@aol.com. Please put "Help Wanted" in the subject line.