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Professional Services Provided by Mr. John Moore and Contracted Associates

Services Overview

Private Consultations

John does private consultations for individuals, families and groups. His consultation fee is $250.00 an hour on the telephone, or Skype.  His in-person consultations are $3,000.00 a day, plus expenses. Travel days billed at $1,000.00 per diem.

Call, or e-mail John to schedule your private consultation. +1 314-965-3007

Public Speaking Engagements and Presentations

Contact John via e-mail and ask for his press kit. He will forward his Press Kit to you by return e-mail.  Be advised: The fee schedule in my Press Kit is corporate pricing, It does not apply to churches and small groups.  Please also see:  https://www.thelibertyman.net/

Firearms Proficiency and Safety Training

John has been an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor since the late 1980's. He has taught Missouri Concealed Carry permit training since the CCW permit law became effective. At this writing, John may only teach Concealed Carry training in MO.

Tactical Security, Strategic Security and Emergency Management Consulting Services

If you want John to consult with you, your group, church, or organization, call him at 314-965-3007

Private Security Assignments

If you need private security services, call John at 314-965-3007

Lawful Military Grade and Heavy Weapons Procurement

By John Moore's close association with the "gun culture", both nationally and internationally, he has the capability to help you through the myriad of steps related to legally procuring anything from a basic AK-47/74 to rocket launchers to fully operational .50 Cal. machine guns and up to and including some area denial weapon systems, and everything in between.  He can also help with specialty ammunition procurement. Here are the areas he can walk you through and also provide services regarding:

  • Procurement
  • Brokering Services
  • Pre-purchase Mechanical Inspections
  • Importing, customs and sanctions compliance when necessary.
  • Documentation, Export documentation when required, Tax Stamps, US Government BATFE forms completion as well as all of the other general "red tape" associated with such procurement.
Contact John today with your requirements and we will go to work on filling your order once an agreement is reached...

Specialized & Customized Property/facility and Personal Protective Services

John will consult with you to help you achieve your goals. Call him at 314-965-3007