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Web Administration for TheLibertyMan.com

Web Administration

I am Tim Spencer, the go-to guy for keeping this website up and running as well as associated multimedia operations.  Please email me if you have a question about or an issue with the website, about the archives or the videos at web.admin@thelibertyman.com.  You can also call during normal business hours at +1 (573) 453-6777.  Be advised my phone auto rejects anonymous calls, so simply leave a message.
I would like everyone to understand that I am not always reachable as I spend an average of five days a month in hospital, particularly in the Winter.  However, please feel free to email (preferred) or leave a voice mail (may or may not receive).
I no longer do this for a living, we are not taking on new clients either for web design nor for hosting.  There are three people that we work with and they already know who they are - we are compensated to ensure we keep things this way.
If you would like to listen to "The Rural Survival Show", the show that I, my wife, Laurie, and my best friend, Rik Schmidt, do every Saturday morning, please click here for all of the details and links to past shows.
By the way constructive criticism and suggestions are always most welcomed!