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Mike From Around the World February 2023

We have a deep learning aircraft recognition system across all services. As soon as the quake happened in Turkey then the balloon happened. It is not a coincidence.

There is staging and governmental wars going on. You have to have ID in order to have missile lock. They can effectively scan everything from Satellite and ID people where ever they are. They can ID everything but they want us to believe otherwise.

Earth is entering weather that will be deadly.

They program people with what they can't do. It's all deception.

China really had a balloon over us and they took great offense that it was shot down. We captured all the data they were trying to collect.

They have the capabilities to capture in the air and reconstruct cell phone conversations of everything you ever said even without your phone. If you look at where the 5g cell phone & satellite towers are and where the balloons went it tracked the system from one coast to the other and tried to capture sensitive data from Military and information that is not on the Internet.

They had to know the magnetic and celestial affects when they setup the 5g systems. Nine nations closed their consulates before the quake occurred in Turkey and two more quakes will occur in different locations there. We had pulses inbound and they have deep learning systems for the Earths crust also. We have Earthquakes that occur naturally and ones that are augmented with frequencies. When the Earth shakes they can amplify it using frequencies. They can use the frequencies to both amplify and prevent things from happening.

A bunch of people went missing around 2005: scientists, microbiologist, etc.. They had to acclimate them to hardened facilities. They want people to think they are dead. There are an entire nation of people in hardened facilities. leaving less qualified people upside.

Life Science came out with article to say there could be twenty moons around Planet Nine and if one of them gets hot enough we may see it. Atmospheric changes and temperature changes are occurring.

Things are being done for a purpose to bring in the New World Order. Democracy is starting to fail and people will ask for a new system. Things are speeding up. We are going to see large scale rebellion against governments in the nations of the world.

Food supplies will depend how well radiation levels are held back and weather atmospheric conditions. People will be terrified of thunderstorms because of the amount of rain and lightning. The jet stream will reverse. Half the wheat is already changed. They don't have to label GMO anymore.

They don't want people to know what the objects are that are being shot down. Everything will be forced.

In June & July the media will be propping up lawlessness.

We are going to see a big atmospheric change with larger heavier particles.

Something is wrong with the water in West Virginia.

Those train derailments are being caused by terrorism when you stop hearing the word terrorism that's when you have to be aware and worry about it. They will do that to bolster their agenda. These people are being planted all over our society. The Spetsnatz and 800 sleeper cells have been forgotten about.

They can effectively scan and identify everything. The earth is about to enter a new phase they know what the objects are. If you search for capabilities prior to 2019 that we can do you will discover what we are really capable of.

China can snag data from the 5g system, the actual machine code.

We have nuclear missile systems underground weapon storage right above where the quake happened in Turkey as well as celestial stuff that is happening. When China detonated that underground explosion it caused a lot of quakes because of the ripple effect of the explosion. In the Middle East things are not well constructed and augmented quakes can cause a lot of destruction. February 18th the pulse is going to be seven times stronger.

Homeland security has been preparing in New York and Washington D.C. to see how troops respond and be fully prepared to switch from one system to another. They have to do this especially when you have an object coming.

People argue all day how a person died but they don't even look if they are actually dead. Increased radiation and disease are coming.

In June & July the language of the Media is going to change. Young people want to live without restrictions. Shifting of populations will be occurring.

The sleeper cells will be loyal to their home countries as well as people that are being funded by foreign countries.

June & July the Pentagon will have a coordinated effort to deceive people with archaeological evidence and the premise of disclosure but not what they think.

There are frequency cancellation generators in every city so you can have a helicopter above you and not even hear it.

When birds start moving away it will be a sign of earthquakes coming. The earthquakes in Turkey have really affected America and Mexico. He is concerned about San Diego.  When South America and Mexico have these eruptions and quakes the Cocos plate is going to let go.

Be careful of announcements and what you accept there are policies and things coming run it through the filter of Christ.