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Stephen O'Neil Commentaries for January,  2023

Stephen O'Neal Commentaries for January 2023

This discussion [1] by Armstrong mentions Zelensky's double speak in the arenas of salesmanship he must use to manipulate the Third Tier [ie heads of state and functionaries]. The people pulling his strings are the ones whose names we seldom or never hear, making it easy for most, including those at the top of the visible social spectrum, to think it is the heads of state who are controlling the planet. Also, on the subject of controlling the planet, Armstrong mentions the "shooting particles into the atmosphere" meme being put out as a proposal to "cool the planet."

The refractory issue is that even Armstrong is under the assumption that the planet is now dominated by a cooling trend, variously identified per a Maunder Minimum or outright ice age, and knows nothing of the downward manipulation of published temperature data, or of the massive effect of geo-engineering. The prime ruse is the public release of "proposals" to salt the atmosphere to cool the planet, while the millions of tonnes per year of particles has gone unacknowledged for decades, rendering the most compartmentalized and active weapon system in history a Machiavellian myth in the public arena. Another mal-occlusion is the disparity between the SOCRATES cycles for 2032 and well beyond, that subtly imply that WWIII will essentially be a speed bump, albeit a large one, in the course of history. This comes, I believe, from a combination of analytical bias related to a consummately cyclical viewpoint that has no provision for boundary conditions, and a modicum of assertions that public data on planetary thermodynamics are not showing increased enthalpy.

If this subject is over Armstrong's head, it is therefore well over the head of any alt media who might offer a platform to consider it. Only the harsh reality of the coming several years will suffice to convince virtually the entire society, and by then, its destruction is sealed. Perhaps ironically, the same chaotic fractals that allow SOCRATES to reveal the amazing fractal cycles of socioeconomic's are also subject to the bifurcations of planetary thermodynamics, not to mention deliberate and massive sub Rosa manipulation of them.

I realize that Armstrong has previously stated that he does not believe in an overarching stratum of global power structure, favoring instead the more evidential nexus in Geneva under Schwab & Co. What is missing is an understanding of a higher echelon of technocracy that more closely related to the post-WWII integration of Third Reich scientists and financiers with American and other centers of Old World and Western power, who have, among other things, been building a planetary control methodology based on the ultimate weapon - control of weather and climate. This is why we see the speeches made by both Kennedy and Johnson on the subject, spoken in un-modest terms. All of this belies the evidence of heavily biased temperature data, either directly at the institutional level, or as skillful emphasis on the weather event broadcasts, all of which are owned by the same parties who own and use the media as unscrupulous propaganda, and, for instance, the pharmaceutical and chemical corporations. What we are dealing with here is a decades-long allopathic medication of a planet, with direct parallel applications for conditioning and medication of the population from the air. Never mind, for a moment, that the antidotes come in the form of elite proprietary procedures, or as underground facilities for a specific segment of events. These facilities have an auxiliary role that may be quite different from the conventional notion of grand mal destruction of the surface. Less conjectural are the soil, water and snow samples that contain concentrations of geo-engineering metals that can only occur by deployment of many millions of tonnes in our atmosphere over an extended period. The official denial only confirms the situation.

The suite of related considerations could make several doctoral dissertations. But it is worth breaking away with the view that Armstrong's extraordinary accomplishments and courage, as indeed they are, would benefit from inclusion of these considerations......... The analytical solutions which form wave equations, that is, complex exponential's, or their complements as bounded feedback algorithms, are likely to possess bifurcations that will respond beyond the normal elasticity of perturbation theory, to produce violent, essentially unpredictable paroxysms This can occur due to both changes in chemical potentials [particulate concentrations] as well as abnormal time derivatives that define entirely new regimes of dis-equilibrium. It is an absolute farce to offer, for instance, prior CO2 concentrations as a rationalization for complacency. That is the "conservative" obfuscation. Of course, it is unhelpful that the "climate change" Gore doctrine proffers such paltry linear explanations for the global situation, serving instead, and arguably as a deliberate obfuscation, as a way to prevent coherent action among the general populace to produce a non-genocidal solution for our dilemma. The WEF sees matters in a truly genocidal way, and is pulling the plug on energy and food, with an inevitable result that has been foreseen. This is also the polar opposite of the "conservative" perspective, forming a perfect pair of insolvent extremes. Meanwhile, at the highest levels, geo-engineering is being introduced to the public as if it were a new concept, in order to condition the populace for the time in which it is a precipitous and draconian reality. We are being manipulated and lied to about our planet's health in exactly the same way, and ultimately by the same people, as are our own matters of health. And...... how a literal neo-Nazi Joker like Zelensky could be so unanimously endorsed, virtually worshiped, and by the way funded, by the entire cadre of Western leaders, goes so far beyond the pale of reason that one is tempted to address its author as nothing less than the work of an antichrist.

How, exactly, do we get out of this?