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Stephen O'Neil Commentaries for January 22,  2024

Hello All -

It is possible that this is Armstrong's most serious and concerning article to date [1]. Regardless of one's position on Trump himself, the fact that the consolidation of corruption and radical left elements in Washington and across the nation have evolved to the point of total banana republic demeanor, also noting that, for instance, Soros' operatives are responsible for the Colorado election manipulation taking Trump off the ballot - represents a fatal malignancy. Armstrong is not at all ambiguous about the consequences....... For Soros' son to openly commend Trump to prison as the only solution, never mind then will of the people that is supposed to be expressed through the election process...... and the computer model clearly and consistently showing no election in 2028 - is a hell of an alarm bell.

Armstrong's model shows civil war cycle peaking from 2026, which by the way overlaps the peaking of global war cycles. There is merit in the notion that the bifurcation point for America is the election or else elimination of Trump, upon which whose durable result will hinge whether peace will settle the major global issues, or a world war that will become chaotic and unrestricted. Even the Israeli position has become refractory [2]. This second article is, of course, by the left press with yahoo, but the fact remains that the Netanyahu government is committed to what will ultimately result in the Samson Option. The insanity of hardened hearts is now fully in place among the governments, and behind it has vanished the sensibilities that have narrowly evaded total nuclear war in the past.

There is heavy evidence hanging low on the bitter apple tree that the fate of our country and of the world will not be determined in voting booths, or be conveniently evaded by illusions from the last remaining momentum of passive complacency. If the half, or more likely two thirds or better of the country who were wronged in the last election process play possum again, and let a corruption-sanctioned social engineering op like J6 become the kangaroo court norm, the price of apathy and indifference will be levied ruthlessly, along with their consequences in something that could well resemble the movie "The Road." The neuvo-Marxist wickedness that has cast its net over our very governance, and with it so much of the West, will also possess no sensibility other than its own viral survival, leading to greedy intransigence that will in turn require the use of nuclear arsenals to defend its sterile ambitions. This panorama is a warning....... to anyone who is not actively securing a remote homestead, along with a community of resources that can survive the Caligulan implosion of an empire. The privileged elite have secured their retreats in eight and nine figures, and it is up to the Little People to decide on their own account whether to be a grasshopper or an ant.

The election outcome is not itself even a secure point. Until a substantial national cultural norm and identity, and a sense of international affairs that can trust that norm are again well established, the damage done in just the last couple of years is so severe that even a benign outcome is problematic and lengthy. But the prospect of anything resembling benign is exceptionally poor, and is ominously echoed in the SOCRATES projections for both American civil unrest and global war alike. Before the nuclear dimension will be cyber warfare combined with another biological 911. The Lockstep Protocols appear to be in play now. No time left to worry about politics or the technical etiology of what bug they will release - the remedy is the same broad existential and spiritual set of priorities in all cases now, and has nothing at all to do with the status quo. Get ready.......

It is time for Greg to have A on again.


[1] https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/politics/the-fix-is-in-trump-goes-to-prison/

[2] https://news.yahoo.com/hostage-families-protest-outside-netanyahus-110419922.html?.tsrc=daily_mail&uh_test=0_00



Hello All -

A really intriguing and nontrivial dimension of the recent discussion on cyber warfare is the notion that China could conceivably target Taiwan for seizure in order to obtain the digital certificates of major software and semiconductor companies, a significant part of whose inventories include U.S. defense systems. An indication of this type of threat is the capture of two software company's digital certificates in Taiwan for use in the STUXnet operation, to allow development of the highly effective zeroday penetration algorithms. The global war itinerary as identified by SOCRATES indicates peak war centered near or on 2027. Current military posturing suggests a combination of urgency related to the U.S. election and a braking action by the deliberate operation in Ukraine and with Chinese developments.

It is conceivable that coding to infarct power systems, certain military operations, financial systems, refineries and other processes could be designed ahead of time, awaiting a relatively short time for insertion of the certificates. Of course, there the backdrop of organic rationale that war is good for no one except the contractors and undertakers, but what is driving the current global situation is quite different from that. China would not likely take Taiwan just on the basis of its semiconductor and software, but as part of a situation in which it regards war as inevitable, which the complex controlling Western policy seems to be creating. The other dynamic is administrative control of Taiwan, a far more gradual process, but in the event of war, timing becomes critical for the new strategic resource - information.


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