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Stephen O'Neil Commentaries for January 22,  2024

Here we go again [1]. Lets just make Britain the new Ukraine. A few 50 kiloton tacticals are not going to amount to much against a SARMAT, or a sub drone Tsar deployed under coastal waters, or even a one megaton h-bomb on a hypersonic missile. Israel has a serious in-house problem to solve, and so do we. Skousen suggests that the nuclear aspect of the world conflict is still a little while off, as Russia and China develop a longer range strategic survival and prosperity concept, and the MidEast situation is held at bay. Hard to be certain, except that these these meal-mouthed WEF tooth fairies are dancing around a bear trap. This also conforms to the SOCRATES arrays. If, then, we are that fortunate, we have a year, give or take, to prepare, or else quickly arrange a whole lot of guillotines in exchange for the cake.


[1] https://news.yahoo.com/us-station-nuclear-weapons-uk-190000208.html


Forget Ukraine, Israel and Hamas, or World War III for a moment - this is quite interesting [1]. Although Missouri is not among the direct aid, Gov. Parsons did send [as you can see in the article] a note of support to Abbott, for which I am grateful to see.


If the situation should arise in the not too distant future that an assembly of states might find the need to write a declaration, I should love to contribute. The interesting twist, however, is that it would not be an article of confederation, but an article of ***confirmation***, or a reverse-confederation, applied as constitutional solidarity for what remains of our true nation, against those who have accreted to become, in relative effect, a northern and coastal defacto confederacy of clandestine, brainsick, unscrupulous betrayal, persistently violating the refractory principles of the public trust, and who are now replete with a foreign invasion as a subterfuge and by invitation for sub rosa purposes, committed with high treason and criminal duplicity, under a facade of marble originally intended to house integrity acting solely in protection of human freedom and equity of law.

...I would personally say such to Abbott, and shake his hand with the earnest goodwill of a free and self destined man.


[1] https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/the-union-that-is-the-united-states-is-rupturing-texas-is-now-empowered-to-levy-war

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