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Stephen O'Neil Commentaries for February,  2024

Feb 12

All -

Considerations are mounting that Abbott could possibly be in the nature of a Judas goat, designated to defuse state' resistance. Confidential arrangements have been made by a number of states on the order of two years ago to cooperatively prohibit federal lock downs and other matters such as forced vaccinations, and this may be in the process of being fleshed out by a psy-op. Hodges has notably indicated sources of a cooperative between Abbott and Mexican components that are not in keeping with a domestic security move that would be beneficial. This needs to be investigated further.

TC's interview with Putin [1] is interesting from several perspectives, and worth the two hours to listen and examine it. The implications are far broader than the Ukraine conflict. There is no doubt that Putin is a master at verbal chess, speaking in the careful interests of his office, but the depth of his historical comprehension, coherence of his priorities, and sophisticated acuity make a shambles of our own representatives of state. The differences superficially echo but fundamentally differ from the duality between Kennedy and Khrushchev by the fact that today there is no apparent channel by which trust can be established - due principally as a result of the culture of deceit that has overtaken our highest offices. Not only have they lied to the American people, but they have lied in international affairs to gain corrupt advantages that now exceed the range of their covert operations. They even now are so bold as to threaten war on a state attempting to secure its own border. The Kremlin has its own difficulties of cloak and dagger, but the top man, at minimum, seems to be operating on a basis of strategic sincerity, and whose mistake has been to trust ours. The dollar will stand only as long as it takes for the balance of the world to release the extortion, and the people of this country will be left to survive the collapse of an empire.

Noticed that GH is having Dane on again. It remains a pity that our attempts to create a deeper discussion ended last summer ended in distrust - a familiar problem these days, it seems. I can only quietly wish Dane well in creating suitable awareness, but with the continuing concern that both the arguments and the audience will remain peripheral and allopathic, until the root philosophical, technical and geopolitical causes are more comprehensively integrated and presented. That, I believe, is true of a lot of things. It would be interesting to discuss this with Putin, although even he, as an historian and head of state, may not be fully aware...... but perhaps genuinely interested, and almost certainly a capable intellect. Perhaps the salvation of truth, and even Christianity itself, will find its epicenter in Russia, which is surely a difficult adjustment in our thinking. .......Interesting answers indeed to Carlson's question regarding the resolution of things if Trump were returned to office - the issue is not with the leaders, but the mentality and heart of the people, which Putin rightly is concerned about here. If we cannot wade out of the woods from normally self evident political dross, then how will the people negotiate a complex and obfuscated technical issue such as climate?

Nonetheless, my chickens are coming in a few weeks, and that is where my presence will be gratefully noticed and useful.


[1] Tucker Carlson Interviews Putin (Full Interview) | Armstrong Economics

Hello All -

Armstrong has weighed in on the Carlson-Putin interview [1]. The detailed knowledge is remarkable, and due to direct international experience, notably including the fact that.... ."[He] was asked to put in $10 billion in 1998 to fund this takeover of Russia." While listening to the interview, and given the subtle but telling undercurrent of Putin's control of the conversation designed to avoid a gauntlet of inflammatory digressions, I sensed a very real possibility of a negotiated de-escalation from the Russian side, that was carefully steered away from any patina of desperation. The Western media is quite predictably painting the standard propaganda, belittling Carlson and demonizing Putin, as Armstrong points out.

Even Skousen's position washes out as an archaic Anti-Russian refractory that seems to miss the global sociopolitical shifts [2]. This suggests to me that his points in Strategic Relocation regarding Russia and China are likewise becoming archaic, and fail to address the salient analysis of upcoming global dynamics as they are addressed by SOCRATES, and by actual experience in the field.

Scott Ritter has just visited Russia and spoken with people behind the lines [the Russians would not allow him to be at the front, particularly since Ukraine has a priority to kill him, and the capability to GPS his location]. His view, and that of Col. Macgregor, remain tactically consistent with Armstrong's strategic view. This ensemble also is consistent with Kissinger's position in the FT interview in March of 2022, which I had attempted to discuss publicly in June of 2022.

What Skousen and the "Ensemble" have in common are the general conclusions that the U.S. leadership is hopelessly corrupted and that the situation will ultimately result in nuclear war. Skousen's position in S.R. however, sees the war as a controlled, limited conflict calculated as a pretext for U.N. type of intervention designed to prostrate America's ultimate position relative to an international composite that will possibly use space based weapons to settle matters under their model of final control. This view by Skousen holds an implicitly anti-neo conservative position that is critical of current policy, while he nonetheless presents a more traditional anti-Russian calculus in [2], that appears to be aligned with a CIA-neo conservative playbook. Of course, Langley can play both angles.

The principal takeoff from all of this is that there are huge irreconcilable factors driving geopolitical affairs, to the point that a division of the globe will exceed the magnitude reached by the Cold War, and also lacks the elements of statesmanship or even rational thinking necessary to prevent what is becoming a virtually inevitable nuclear conflict, whose outcome is arguably far less certain than Skousen proposes.

Meanwhile, the "most watched show in history" has its countdown clock to Sunday evening already running on the television, providing another distraction from the real clock of concern ticking away its last seconds. One can only hope that the neo conservative-neonazi complex, that instructed Boris Johnson to scuttle the peace plan between Putin and Zelensky in early spring of 2022, has not watched Sum of All Fears and gotten any useful ideas for a world-changing pretext.

Then there is the matter of the climate warfare theatre, which is never comprehensively addressed in either media camp, but has driven major sociopolitical shifts primarily through the induction of drought, including the multiculturalism Diaspora in Europe, and its counterpart in North America, shifting Central American populations across the U.S. border as a calculated dilution of the American societal norm - this Skousen would also agree with [Too bad that Dane is not amenable to address these details at length.]

Even Armstrong does not appear to understand the global dynamics at this level, but CIA no doubt does. From this, an orchestration of a non-nuclear 911 sequel um in an integrated hybrid of climate and biological dynamics becomes the basis of concern, and is a far more sophisticated concept than even Clancy has engineered. What is also of concern is that these diverse concepts have not been properly addressed by what only can be called a facile, linearly polarized media circus, as we continue to witness a peculiar suicidal consensus drive Western policy.

SKO 10.02.2024


[1] https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/russia/tucker-interview-with-putin/

Per [2], https://joelskousen.com/


In Tucker Carlson's newly-released interview with Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, in a moment of historical candor, admitted that the Russian leadership "initiated the collapse of the Soviet Union." Tucker completely missed the importance of what he just heard as Putin slyly claimed he "didn't know why they would do this” and then wove a false tale about the aftermath of the "collapse" where Russia continually made overtures of peace and cooperation with the West, but which the US rejected repeatedly. Carlson buys all of this hook, line and sinker, and so will other conservatives who are eager to embrace Russia as the good guy in the war in Ukraine. Putin never admitted that this "collapse" was done to trick the West into thinking "Communism was dead," and that we had "won the cold war." In this week's brief I will help readers see beyond Putin's artful narrative, and show how the Soviets did this to gain Western aid, trade and technology to catch up as they were losing the economic and military arms race. And it worked. In fact, the US knew the Russians had faked their own demise and went along with it, because the globalists were still in the mode of building Russia and China as future enemies in order to eventually have one more world war that would finally force the US into a militarized global government."

Feb 13

The work of Benveniste and Luc Montagnier [1] indicates a method for mapping and transferring of DNA information into solutions of water containing them, persisting after the DNA has been removed. Digital transmission of electromagnetic spectra measured from these resultant solutions are then digitally transmitted and applied by ordinary induction to remote solutions. The DNA molecule sequence can be reproduced from the presence of the induced electromagnetic spectral signature in the water by the addition of nucleotides and polymerase. This phenomenon falls in line with the philosophy that the Soviets applied to psycho kinesis and telepathy - as exceptionally sensitive and nonlinear electromagnetic phenomena, as distinguished from the discussion below:

Lay considerations of micro waved water [2] are clouded with controversy, but there is credible argument for the alteration of chemistry,where bond angles may be sensitive, due to residual vibrations in the water molecule.

By contrast, Masaru Emoto's qualitative observations [3] of initial crystal formation as a function of ambient conditions are also contested with controversy, but even at the qualitative level, the effect is profound, and more similar to the Benveniste observations. It is useful to note that Imoto's ambient conditions included not only the sonic exposures to different categories of music [ie different spectral genres], but also sessions involving projection of various emotional attitudes and even labeling of vials, which challenge the limits of what could be described within the domain of electromagnetic induction. A corresponding consideration may be found by comparing mathematical aptitude as a function of, for instance, classical music versus death metal, but this is likely be be explained on a neurological basis of organization through sensory dynamics. Similar considerations have been offered concerning plant growth as a function of ambient acoustic and electromagnetic conditions. Far less subtle, by contrast, are the physiological effects of microwave transmission on tissues, particularly neural, which are comprehensible on a conventional thermodynamic basis.

The fields of discipline that the aforementioned considerations cross are wide, but behind them are the even more esoteric considerations - where higher order spaces and mappings of information reach so far beyond conventional physics and intuition that they demand mathematical treatment of what are essentially spiritual notions. This is where the primitive nature of our civilization and all of its religions meet critical thinking, never mind answers. These "water experiments" of Benveniste and Imoto touch upon a generality that I considered in my radiation implosion and antimatter work in the mid nineties - "chaotic boundaries," that bridge the mechanics of Soviet atheism applied to small signals and the class of phenomena associated with the Hebrew Diadam and Ark, and the work of the SORRAT's [4], and the Greber [5] protocols of medium ship. Indeed, the concept of "holy water" itself begs the questions of its origin with blood sacrifice to enhance odic energy, and the subsequent use of bowls of water commerce in more recent practice of medium ship. Tangent to these considerations are certain cloistered elite groups who hold considerable power over global affairs through the abuse of such practices. The R. Bernard interviews [6] of the previous decade are consistent with a number of considerations and concerns relating to these considerations.

The ecumenical dimensions alone are sufficient cause as to recognize that a highly sophisticated merger between esoteric technical and spiritual concepts are being used to wage war on the bulk of humanity by self-appointed vicars whose spiritual knowledge is both perverted and incomplete, but also abetted by an as yet still grotesquely underdeveloped and hypocritical ecclesiastical ensemble, itself also a half-dressed vicar. The tangents to these concepts discussed here are so many that they become disorienting, but what seems quite clear is that any rebellion of pure spiritual intention waged against these modern pharaohs must be far more sophisticated and cross examined than either academia or the alternative press community have thus far accomplished.

It also goes without saying, that recent devices operating in certain spectral radiation regimes are woefully lacking in cross examination as well. For instance the "wand," whose wavelength is located between microwave and infrared, where adverse physiological consequences are not well characterized for enhanced exposure, and the "patch" solution to stem cell activation, that directly opposes, without calibration, the control of malignant trophoblast overgrowth via trypsin, and its dietary adjunct, amygdalin, which suppresses cancer by destroying trophoblast cells. It appears that overzealous marketing has overtaken the balance of risk and benefit.


[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8VyUsVOic0

[2] Experiments comparing micro waved water versus unexposed, showing plant die-off associated with the micro waved water

[3] See Imoto, "The Hidden Messages in Water," 2004.

[4] SORRAT- The Neihardt Psychokinesis Experiments 1961-1981, .J.T. Richards

[5] Johannes Greber, "Communication With the Spirit World of God," 1931.

[6] See, for instance, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EyNlhuCJPTo

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