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Stephen O'Neil Commentaries for January,  2023

Stephen O'Neal Commentaries for February 2023

The Battle Continues - Update Discussions 2-18-22

          I remember that Italian doctor's eight minute video in 2020 urgently warning about the situation in which those who do not conform with the test and vaccination meme "will cease to exist in society."  The doctor went on to describe the meaning of the acronym COVID-19 -

Certification Of Vaccination IDentification - A. I., where the A is the first letter in the alphabet and the I is the ninth, meaning [A]rtificial [I]ntelligence.  As we also know, the year of introduction into the population is '19.  

The video has, I am fairly certain, long been taken down by youtube, but I keep an archived copy for those interested, and made a transcript - see ref [7].  Today, Martin Armstrong posted an article regarding the Mario Draghi -

From [1]:

".......Mario Draghi has ruined the lives of 500,000 Italians after declaring, “The unvaccinated are not part of our society.” All Italians over 50 must now receive the vaccination to find employment or participate in society. Draghi is directly blaming the entire pandemic on those who did not conform. “We must never lose sight of the fact that most of the problems we have today are because there are non-vaccinated people,” Draghi told a news conference. “For the umpteenth time, I invite all those Italians who are not yet vaccinated to do so, and to get the third shot.”


"....“It is important that those who will be restricted from today or who will be restricted can be part of it again, come back into society, together with all of us,” Draghi patronized."

Pardon me, but the good doctor's strong words spoken in 2020 were by no means obtuse.

   Meanwhile, we find another article from Armstrong today discussing Justin Trudeau's latest tactics regarding bank accounts [2],  following on the heels of Canada's Deputy Prime Minister declaring that all who have made contributions to the trucker rally will be subject to ban account seizure [3].  Greg Hunter's last interview indicates that the Biden Administration is continuing with vaccine policy [4].

   On the international scene, it is interesting to note that Russia's position moves forward, ignoring Western objections.  As Armstrong describes -

"....Viktor Tatarintsev, ​Russia’s ambassador to Sweden, has said that Russia is not worried about sanctions. “Excuse my language, but we don’t give a s–t about all their sanctions,” he told reporters. We have already had so many sanctions and in that sense they’ve had a positive effect on our economy and agriculture.” In fact, he believes that the sanctions have made Russia stronger by causing the nation to be self-sufficient."  

On Breitbart we find an article [6] discussing Ukraine's position amid all of the brinkmanship -

"......Some western journalists perceive our population as “fatalists,” which is plain wrong. In fact, there is nothing “heroic,” “fatalistic,” or even unusual in such human behavior. The reason behind it is quite simple – Russia has been waging war against Ukraine for eight years already. These are the eight years of daily reports of deadly shelling, IDPs, and casualties among our military and civilians.

These are the eight years of hate, tonnes of information dirt and Russian malign narratives being shamelessly poured onto the Ukrainians from the Internet and local pro-Russian TV channels – generally unrestricted. After, all, this is the unfortunate downside of democracy and freedom of speech for which Ukrainians have fought for so long…

What is particularly interesting is that Ukraine has been on what they describe as the negative end of freedom of speech, while here in the West we are wading through incredible censorship of beneficial discussions regarding solutions for the Covid issue, among a number of other issues.  

Included at the end of the references is my communication on Dec 26, 2020 discussing our situation, in particular the recent revelations by Dr. Kory regarding Ivermectin.  I published on face book, and of course this was quickly attacked by the "fact checkers," or should I say fact check maters.

SKONEAL  2-18-22

















"......So there is this document, which I am about to read to you which not only must you disseminate, but take note of it. The media, television, politics, are never going to release what I am about to read to you.   Italians, pay attention.  

Covid-19 means the 'Certification Of IDentification of vaccination with Artificial Intelligence,' and the '19,' it is the year in which it was created.  Covid-19 is not the name of the virus. Pay attention.  Rather, it is the name of the international plan for the control and reduction of populations, which has been developed over the last decades and launched in 2020.  What reactivates the virus is the immune ground in which it finds itself weakened by former vaccinations.  What they intend to inject inside of us is going to be the most terrible vaccines of all.  It is literally a descent into hell, with the aim of a massive depopulation of over 80 percent of the population.  Do not take the tests: the tests are not reliable. I have always said it and will repeat myself, just like many producers also affirm: none of the tests are able to accurately detect the Sars Cov-2 virus. They only detect an infinity of small harmless viruses of cell debris which are naturally already part of our microbiota.   The people tested will increasingly appear positive in tests [about 90 percent].  This is their goal, and this is why they started the testing process with children.  On May the 11th, no television, nor newspaper, or Italian/Berlusconi broadcast announced that in France mass testing was being imposed in all schools.  There were about 700 thousand tests every week. However nobody, unfortunately, broke this news.  So, once your child gets screened, the whole family, and all immediate contacts, will be forced to be screened.  Pay attention Italians, listen. Do not listen to the charlatans, the ignorant, who reject the truth.  I remind you that we are not sick.  We are, on the contrary, just healthy carriers of this virus.  Having the virus does not necessarily mean that you are sick: you are healthy and fine.  But everyone will still appear, pay attention, positive in the tests.  In fact, they make you repeat the tests 2 or 3 times.  All public facility employees, especially in the health care sector, take the tests every month. All they need to obtain is this: make everybody believe they are sick. Being positive means being labeled as harmful. Pay attention Italians, listen to me. Refusing the detection of the virus is the only key to avoid being vaccinated.  Once vaccinated, we will all be severely sick, weakened, and we will certainly be lead towards our death.  The only one solution to save our humanity but above all to save us Italians is to  make people understand that they should not be tested.  Do not get yourself tested, do not give them what they lack of, do not fall into their trap.  I'm telling you this, because at least you won't be able to say that you haven't been warned. Covid-19 means 'programme of mass extermination.'  Don't get yourself tested, it's the only way to save yourself. On television, these bastards don't and won't ever tell the truth.  Also, politicians behave completely dishonestly.   Nevertheless, the Health Deputy Minister is himself a doctor.  Colleague, you must only, and deeply be ashamed of yourself.  Most non-vaccinated people will cease to exist for society.  You will not be able to travel without a vaccine, you will not be able to go to the cinema, and in the future you won't even be able to leave your own house.  This is already happening in some Chinese cities.  And Spain is one of the main test driver countries along with Argentina and all Latin countries.  Everything has already set up and activated in all companies and Media for mass vaccination.  I will prefer death, absolutely not vaccination.  I salute you."          

NOTE - the year of its introduction is 2019, or '19,' which translates in its own quaint numerological codex to:

          A,  [letter number one = Artificial], and I [letter number nine - Intelligence].



Briefing on Current Issues

SK ONeal  12-26-2020

As I am receiving numerous questions of clarification on private communications, this is a general treatment of the situation for those individuals who are making studied decisions on the matters of greatest concern today, and are offered not in the sense of medical advise, but as background information.  The references contain valuable information much too dense to discuss in the brief, and very notably - FLCCC documents are, as Dr. Martensen mentions, useful for physician review to determine standard of care protocals using the repurposed medications as discussed by Dr. Kory in his testimony to the Senate.    



   In chapter nine [1], Mikovitz discusses the zoonosis of HIV and Ebola.  In particular, relevant to covid, is the consideration of immune dysregulation caused by the introduction of a virulent pathogen or by the assault of several pathogens simultaneously [such as multiple vaccines].  Normal ability of the immune system to accommodate the invasion becomes compromised under such conditions, and commonly leads to either serious and potentially lethal syndromes, or chronic ones that may include predisposition to cancer.  It is notable that covid is expressly an immune dysregulation phenomenon [see the Eastern Virginal Medical Society treatment of the subject, also noted in [2]], and thus, in spite of any consideration of its direct mortality rate, represents in principle a huge hazard for chronic syndromes and cancer, as I have variously referred to as latent pathology potential of covid.  


   Mikovitz makes a powerful argument indicating that the use of monkey tissue, with a palpable probability of containing SIV [Simian Immunodeficiency Virus], and applied to Africans, lead to its analogue - HIV; further, that this revelation was actively suppressed,

  1 - by a "study" that deliberately used only American serums [that involved no monkey tissue] and therefore no evidence of SIV, and then manufactured misrepresenting conclusions that HIV did not occur due to use of monkey tissue in vaccines, and

  2 - PER Hooper [6], regarding the investigation by the Royal Society in 2000:

 ".....As the weeks and months passed after the meeting, it became clear that a carefully organized whitewash was being carried out, partly by the original protagonists [who had, among other things, leant on witnesses to change key parts of their stories], and partly by well-meaning research scientists who could not countenance the possibility that their work of the last ten years might be erroneous, and secondly, were unwilling or unable to imagine that their peers were not telling the truth."  

   This, and by many other accounts - for instance the Gates application of sterilisation and other harmful adjuncts into the India vaccines, and the XMRV fiasco related to the polio vaccine that resulted in so much harm to the public, was understood before release, and then released anyway by the pharmaceutical industry -  bring into focus a gathering avalanche of evidence rendering our entire vaccination industry patently suspect and a wholly unacceptable risk, especially in view of the clear efficacy of repurposed medicines [3], [4], [5].  It was not enough that HCQ was actively suppressed early in the progression of covid, but now, intense suppression of Ivermectin, an order of magnitude more effective and winner of a Nobel Prize as an antiviral, anti-inflammatory miracle drug with minimal negative attributes - THE answer to ending this "pandemic," and for ending the pretext for demolition of our way of life.  That there is arguably a massive conspiracy at high levels is moderated only by the effect of an endemic cultural consensus of both intentional and hapless complicity with profit motive and secrecy....a vortex of inbred fraud and referred incompetence - and an issue Dane Wigington has run up against via the secret control of climate, and its imminent consequences.  It is sufficiently clear, in my opinion, that governmental and institutional corruption have reached a stage of malignant arrogance so huge that the people will have great difficulty fathoming the reality of it, let alone putting a decisive and timely end to it.  Was it not Hermann Goering who stated that if the lie is made big enough, the people will never believe it? Indeed..... a lie too big to fail, and the perfect whore for the corporations profiting from our collapse.  Note the similarity with the "....well-meaning research scientists..." discussed above.  It is worth mentioning that Judy Mikovitz recently stated in an interview that the covid vaccine has the very real potential to kill some fifty million Americans.  This is consistent with a paragraph and reference note I sent George Noory in May:

   ".....It is increasingly evident that Armstrong's algorithms indicating dissolution of sovereign authority (taking down of governments and other corporate institutions by the people due to total loss of faith in them) in the timeframe of 2032, is on schedule, if in fact Dane Wigington's biospheric collapse zero point in 2026 does not intervene.  It appears nearly certain that this virus, either by clandestine deployment, or by timely opportunism executed within a timeframe of anticipated deployment, represents the cover for the anticipated "mother of all financial crises" (Armstrong), that is in turn a preface to imminent global ecological insolvency.  Wigington's twenty years of devotion to the geoengineering issue have been heavily censored because of the foundational effect on comprehension of the compartmentalised global policy, and the perverted ethos of its objectives.  The elite echelons are not "doing it to themselves," but rather - and crucially - have reserved the understanding of the dilemma for themselves, planning the euthenisation of the world's population as a disposable subspecies;

" ...An interesting concept not yet addressed by Martensen (or anyone else that I know of) is modification of the human population using the nCV-19 virus, whether or not under the label of transhumanism.  Also, and critically, the virus may not be the vehicle but only the pretext - that the real modification might occur in the vaccines, likely a series of them necessitated by the weakness of any antigen method attempting to deal with a corona-type virus."  


  There is indeed an avalanche - considerations beyond this small discussion that point in exactly the same direction, including corruption of an election that is so rife with unmoderated deceit that the parade of crimes is not even afforded any effort of being hidden - the king has no clothes, but precious few seem to notice this, at least openly.  All is now blatant debauchery of our republic, daring those with integrity and memories of social substance to do anything about it.  The mass of arbitrary, if not unabashed censorship in the entire spectrum of media is further evidence, and a most malignant development, never mind that much of it is patronised by the pharmaceutical industry, and by an even larger global fraternity.  Those who do not heed these considerations, and certainly those unstudied and apathetic, who blythefully take the vaccine, represent an engineered domestic threat of first magnitude to the Republic to which I swore an oath to preserve, protect and defend.  The alternative on a personal level is to hope for and seek a surviving analogue of freedom somewhere else in the world, to which I might apply the full force of my spiritual and technological capabilities.  We shall see very shortly the mettle of American society, to either achieve its fuller greatness, or to lose its true blood and become yet another poisoned empire prostrated to its lowest common denominator of human weaknesses.

Final Notes

   There should be some natural concern for a virus class that was highly contagious among bats, spliced between the RATG-13 and pangolin segments, and then, because it was not contagious among humans, engineered under the technology of "gain of function" by splicing four HIV segments into the spike [transmission vehicle] and also a SARS segment.  In Chapter 8, Mikovitz discusses the government subduction of the Cedillo case involving autism, under the shadow of a nine hundred billion dollar liability.  Is it any wonder that Congress passed laws sheltering liability for vaccine injury?  Is it any wonder that nearly a trillion dollars worth of veterans' medical records indicating liability through Gulf War Syndrome were sent to the Murrah building several weeks before the bombing?  Cody Snodgres, the first CIA domestic operative to be approached with the bombing job [and who turned it down to his tremendous detriment], certainly has something to say about all of this.  In terms of the election, Trump was simply not capable of overcoming such a complete metastasis using common sense business terms alone, and also does not possess the unifying personality that can bring a nation to a decisively higher vision.  But the ugly fact remains that once his AmeriBrexit efforts are swept out of the way, the cadre of career politicians, purchased and installed in the middle of the competition between Geneva and Beijing, will have no restraints of conscience relative to that process I stated to Noory.  

Let us see what comes out of the river.......  



[1] Mikovitz, Heckenlively and Kennedy, "Plague of Corruption," Skyhorse Publishing, New York, 2020.

[2] Page 17, "Time Course and approach to Rx," of "Meta-analysis-of-COVID-19-therapeutics-Dr-Paul-Marik-FLCCC-Alliance"

[3] Dr. Pierre Kory's testimonies before the Senate, December 2020.  Note, however, that these have been censored.

[4] Dr. Chris Martensen's long list of presentations from February 2020 onward, demonstrating both the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine and later Ivermectin.  Martensen's first presentation on Ivermectin was on July 16th, indicating that India had changed from HCQ therapy to Ivermectin due to its advantages, and then on Dec 5, 2020, gave a definitive "most important" presentation showing broad international results for broad effeicy of Ivermectin throughout the infection stages, including its extremely high value in prophylaxis.

[5] Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Seris B - Physical and Biological Sciences - "Ivermectin, ‘Wonder drug’ from Japan: the human use perspective."  This reference makes a very clear case for benign use in humans.

[6] Edward Hooper, "The River: A Jourrney to the Source of HIV and AIDS," 1999.