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Stephen O'Neil Commentaries for March,  2024

March 26, 2024

Here is another pointed article from Armstrong [1], describing what amounts to a preliminary war warning. The irony is that the ISW is, characteristically, painting the matter as if it were Russia who is the cause, but with Armstrong's information we see the connection between the actual motivation for war - manipulation of the U.S. elections in tandem with a regime change in Russia - and the same supranational neo conservative faction that is the originating cause of the conflict in Europe to justify NATO and sustain the legacy military complex. There is also, as Armstrong suggests, a latent Ukrainian-Jewish connection of historical anti-Russian prejudice at play at several levels internationally and in general U.S. foreign policy. This latter consideration is well armored with its own predisposition for antisemitic apologism. It is well to consider that Russia, along with the entire Muslim world and a fair portion of the rest of the world, and despite their own iniquities, see clearly through the rouge of bullshit, and have a basis for patriotic identification and consolidation that will overwhelm and dominate the West, barring a full thermonuclear war. Under the current epic intransigence and circumstances, unchanged, we might well have that.

Note also that the code nodes are May and JULY.....


[1] https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/uncategorized/beware-the-ides-of-may/

March 13, 2024

Potential for Nuclear War - a broader picture

This [1], combined with the realization that NATO is being used as part of a deliberate conversion of economic terminus into warfare, is not a pleasant prospect for the near future, or anything that follows in its wake. The current NATO SNAP drills further aggravate the situation, along with the head of NATO's recent comments sanctioning jet strikes into Russian territory. Armstrong has indicated since 2022 that, in addition to the code peak around 2027, there is also a comparatively high cross section for major war igniting just ahead of the 2024 election.

The general assumption remains that the neo conservative-industrial-complex behind "The Plot to Seize Russia [2]" continues to assume that this seizure of Russian resources will be accomplished without a nuclear conflict. It is difficult to fathom that their think tanks could hold such an opinion, given what must surely be a candid, albeit necessarily confidential, appraisal of the current growth of Russian and BRICS economic and military strength, and the exceptionally strong sociological component of Russian cultural identity and reflective nationalism now in place. The contrast with the current American sociological fragmentation and military depletion is also obvious at all levels. It is worth noting as well that even Skousen has continued on an explicitly anti-Russian essential dogma, without moderation whatsoever by the reality of Western violation of the 2014 Minsk Agreement and the legitimacy of the Russian position relative to the actual agenda of Ukraine and NATO as vehicles for final economic domination by the West. This also goes against the exceptionally refractory SOCRATES cycles indicating the fall of the Western Empire and the rise of China as the dominant economic power, post 2032.

The issue is not whether Russia and China have been and are without their own brand of industrial espionage and expansion of national interests, but rather that the West has taken Echelon to its pluperfect expression, to the point of global dominance with surveillance technology, which has now intoxicated its controlling parties to the extent that they are producing a Caligulan-Hitlerian phenomenon with the distinction that it is not an individual megalomaniac delusion accompanied by its traditional acolytes, but instead a hemispheric consensus of pathological, fatal, greedy solipsism. This digital surveillance philosophy permeates absolutely every aspect of our modern existence, including total control with CBDC, soon chipping even grocery bags and every small container, and the use of the nCV-19 Lockstep doctrine to subdue all of Western society, and ultimately its objecting competitors, Russia and China. Of course, China notably has its own analogue of cultural oppression now being expressed digitally, and is also a rising power.

It is high time that the peoples of the world recognize that the upcoming war design is not between the "us versus them" global powers with traditionally quantifiable enemies such as Russia and China, but between the neo conservative-global-power-complex and fundamental human freedom. But such things generally do not go as designed, and there is no small precedent for accidental nuclear conflict, let alone the potential for accident or misreading of intent and situation when the fundamental assumptions of MAD, along with standards of pander and decency, have been abandoned. We will most likely enter nuclear conflict sometime within the next several years, if not possibly months, as the calculations are not for survival of humanity, but rather an implicit diminution of it, combined with a desperate cling to power in the West, in the face of cyclically inevitable collapse. Only the most extraordinary of leader, or less likely leaders in plurality, could preempt this process now, and even then, the phenomenon, whose cross section ranges from the most enlightened of individuals, is in an arena that has already brought two antichrists in the last century, and very much risks a third.

Under the most optimistic situation in the November American elections, Trump is by no means such a leader, albeit far preferable from a national socioeconomic "conservation" perspective. Our economic hegemony is now past us, and our way of life will change drastically in any case, even without major war. There is, however, much to indicate that the neo conservative complex will not surrender quietly, but employ its own American Samson Option, which is exactly what the situation in Europe appears to be. What also remains is the degree to which a biological operation is the true ultimate design, and a nuclear conflict is the miscalculation. In this case, it would be better to have a nuclear war and a long and possibly fatal road to rebuilding in an environmental catastrophe, than a biological one followed by its Orwellian nightmare on life support. Accomplishing the "neither solution," however, will require far more competence, enlightenment and coherence in human thought and cooperation than we are now witnessing.


[1] https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1875287/nato-f35a-fighter-jet-nuclear-bombs

[2] See book, Armstrong, "The Plot to Seize Russia," 2022 Gatekeeper Press.

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