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Stephen O'Neil Commentaries for April,  2024

April 25, 2024

Here is a good video I have on my drive [1], link below. Interesting to note Art Linkletter, born an orphan, made his way in odd jobs and hopping trains and such, and when the depression hit, he was already well adapted. Whatever we do right now to at least have some little homesteads and gardens, and gather whatever small contingent of friends who are workers and decent at heart, will be all we have soon when the bullshit show stops the music, and then world war to try to maintain elite control. Once again, note Armstrong [2], and the no shit warning about where we are headed. Best not to zig when we should zag now, and to get health as our primary asset, then firewood and chickens. Then look for those few real people while there are still a few minutes left. So many millennials and X, not to mention all the boomers who are now getting older accustomed to a pork barrel economy - very few of these will do what Linkletter did, and the mass of clueless will best be avoided as violent social chaos becomes the norm, unlike the depression. ....Note the sustaining gardens of the depression.... really good video......


[Mike - ]

All 17 chicks are doing fine and eating the house. With the others coming, I'll have to run two brooder tubs. Chickens are coming our of my ears right now....but this will be enviable soon...... will come down the hill in a few minutes.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUAHqrdIAz8

[2] https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/world-trade/russia-responds-precisely-on-target/

April 10, 2024

This referral article by PC Roberts is an interesting development [1]. If I recall correctly, from the time that I posted in July of 2020 from Martensen's discussions of the success with Ivermectin in India to the FLCCC revelations with Dr Kory in December of that year, there was already indication of cancer efficacy with Ivermectin. I do not remember offhand if the original 2015 Japanese Ivermectin studies indicated a cancer therapy. I have not noted any research stating the reasons for ivermectin's anti-cancer effect, but have mentioned quite some time ago the possibility that Ivermectin's vermifuge properties may correlate with the Hulda Clark work [see Clark, The Cure for All Cancers], in which the protocol is based upon a combination of environmental detoxification and, critically, the intestinal cleanse that eliminates the Human Intestinal Fluke. This fluke, according to Clark, is responsible for releasing a byproduct that suppresses the body's natural chemical regulatory process to terminate carcinomas. The chemical environmental aspect is largely tied to the concept that a number of common chemicals allow the fluke to complete all six stages of its life cycle inside the human host, as opposed to the need for an external host. The resultant multiplication capacity in such circumstances can lead to significant fluke load and susceptibility to cancer. I do not recall the name of the human regulatory chemical, but suspect that it is in fact Trypsin from the pancreas, which benefits from adjunct therapy from dietary Amygdalin [B-17], or direct intravenous therapy with the refined form known as Laetrile, as per discussion by GE Griffin [ca. 1970's, "World Without Cancer"]. Naturally, Leatrile was rendered as illegal in the U.S., and Hulda Clark was sent back to Sweden.

The "Fauci Syndrome," as a neo-sequel of Reich socio-medical sanitization, with its pre-Reich such policies actually originating within the U.S. at the beginning of the twentieth century, is, therefore, not at all new. What is still stunning to me is how controlled the politicians have been. My concerns reached high levels within the state, but had to remain suppressed due to powerful forces that belie any reasonable basis of faith in our government and any definition of the future of our nation. Even the district state senator, popular and decent by any standard, was defeated in large part by Tyson and Wal Mart campaigns to support the vaccine caper, and to defeat that state senator who was trying to defy the vaccine mandates. Any suggestion, for instance, that there has been a systematic high level process to suppress major advances, especially alternative and re purposed methods, to prevent and cure cancer, proffers an especially virulent credibility in light of all of this. Likewise, any suggestion that we now find ourselves under the shadow of an especially vile and pluperfect form of fascism, is scarcely deniable except by utter delusion. Indeed, the perpetrators are now so bold as to place a bullet hole and forty seven dollars in the same picture, going far beyond the poor taste of suggested assassination as to breach stratospheric corruption and neo conservative mob rule as a new social norm for America.

We are now on our own, to witness the collapse of an empire, and it is by the grace of God that many important solutions, including some cancers, are to some extent very simple. What is less simple is sociopolitical malignancy....


[1] https://thecommonsenseshow.com/activism-agenda-21-conspiracy/ivermectin-emerges-significant-aid-cancer-treatment

[1] Ivermectin Emerges as a Significant Aid in Cancer Treatment | The Common Sense Show

April 5, 2014

This particular matter is significant, and consistent with the concept that these idiots still are with the same game plan, thinking that they can simply grind Russia down and then submit economically. The Kremlin has made it quite clear that this would create an intractable situation leading to direct major war. It does not appear that it will wail till 2027. The vast majority in Pompeii stayed busy with their daily things and thought things were not all that urgent either.


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