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Stephen O'Neil Commentaries for May,  2024

Hi All....

Pic below - the lambsquarters patch in the garden. I let one or two plants get big and then seed for a couple of years, and now there is a healthy patch to graze some super green nutrition. The only caveat is that like spinach, it has oxalate. The younger plants have less of it however, and this is also why they are sweeter. The mineral dust on the new leaves is likely a high source for trace minerals, so there may be a decent colloidal mineral reserve if lambsquarters is cultivated with azomite mineral dust, etc. There is also real grain and flour potential with the seed. as well as generating sprouts for super high nutrition in winter. This grows more successfully than the amaranth, it appears, and may be worth expanding, taking a hint from Nature. With the coming severe changes, a "weed" like this may be of extreme value for those who are paying attention. Just chomped down some tops after some eggs [and your bread, thanks Mike, with Irish butter and elderberry jam]. Beats the hell out of stringy arugula too.


This morning's Armstrong [1] is interesting not simply from an economic problem standpoint, but for the reasons why - the development of the war cycle. Although Armstrong is typically strident and routine in his appraisals of coming war and the shifts of world power into the coming decades, he has, on occasion, been more candid about his gratitude for being old enough to not have to live through it. It is difficult to imagine that cold war conventions and other norms of restraint will maintain an orderly, sanitary world war, any more than it did in the previous, but now defined by planet and civilization killing weapons. We have of recent been in the habit of defining war as police actions by powerful nations who understand that nuclear war simply multiplies both sides the power equation by zero, including the present philosophy of driving Russia into submission as if it were a Third World nation. There are indications that Russia is feeling serious depletion of resources, especially young men and productive population, but this is arguably the ultimate basis for a desperate nationalistic reflex to escalate at some point, given that to not do so is to be vanquished by a certifiably ruthless, unscrupulous enemy who is in an equally desperate collapse of economic and sociological solvency. Also notable is the May 7th turning point that will affect Russia's position, and possibly world affairs.

Unless there is a profound reflex and overturning of Western socioeconomic trends, as in the rise of an epic leader or leaders who stimulate a chain reaction of fundamental ethos among the general populations, the cycles will define our future rather precisely, instead of a paroxysm of inspiration that can result in a Magna Carta or Reformation that breaks free of the ground state cyclic socio-genesis. This process contains, however, a dark analogue as we see indicated, for instance, by John of Patmos, and by Nostradamus. Our souls will be forced to choose, on one platform or another, what is their true mettle. This, in essence, is a statement that the human condition is not simply cyclic, but possessing a cyclic foundation from which true consciousness can occasionally depart as nonlinear features of spiritual and cognitive advancement. More simply, what distinguishes mankind from the fate of sand and raindrops, and from the refractory power of reflex and animal instinct, is an enhanced and latently practical connection with a higher plane of consciousness and purpose of existence related to it. In many respects, the concept of re-birth, or the "return" of the influence of what is regarded in Western theology as the "Christ Consciousness," is the appeal to this higher plane, however the ecclesiastical mechanics will, in reality, occur. The Eastern religions assign a less centralized version of the process through meditation and introspection that tend to induce altered states of consciousness, as an extended notion of prayer, although less connected to secular affairs war-making. Islam, a more recent development, contains a less subtle doctrine of coercive sanction, connected with earthly pragmatism and survival. Western religion, however, is not without without its bellicose predilections as well, forming a basis for catastrophe, as we see as well in its very scriptures. Until mankind transcends the ironic justification of violence to sustain its affairs of spiritual growth, we will simply maintain another banal cycle - of war. The ecclesiastical notions, in their purer alloys, run contrary to the banal, ground state of the human condition - cyclic mechanics of our existence based within the reptilian process, designed to maintain organic survival. Harmonization of the two states of awareness is the basis of an advancement of our civilization. But as matters appear now, and without some bloom of inspired departure from the ground state, we are quickly headed into the consequences of a Malthusian event, with chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, in the hands of minds of simple, cruel earthly wisdom whose vortex of power is unprecedented on a planetary scale. Therefore, as we see from Armstrong this morning -

"WAR WILL LEAD TO STAGFLATION. Of course, the Fed cannot come out and say that they see a looming escalation of war on the horizon, and Washington certainly would not come out and say to prepare for war. Socrates is impartial to bias and was correct about this inflationary trend into 2024. We are poised for a directional change in Q3 of 2025, implying an escalation in the war cycle post-2024."

[1] https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/armstrongeconomics101/economics/jerome-powell-on-stagflation/

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