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Stephen O'Neil Commentaries for June,  2024

Despite Armstrong's often strident descriptions of the transition to post-2032 world affairs and shifts of socioeconomic centers of power, the code results for the war cycle remains refractory, with the prospect of the military phase of the next world war on schedule to its peak in the next several years [1]. The direct as well as ecological consequences of an inevitable nuclear dimension of such a conflict are nonetheless dwarfed by the even more lethal logistic decomposition of trade and society order on a total global scale, with large fallout destined for biological concentration, and, at minimum, significant damage to planetary crop carrying capacity the food supply logistics of a functionally non-agricultural sociology. There is still debate regarding the nuclear winter effect, but even in the case of a more limited theater, a nuclear 911 times a few hundred or thousand will reveal in massively cruel terms just how unsustainable ninety nine percent of the population is today.

The mass of common-educated and neuvo Google-degreed fools are, unfortunately, not equipped to understand the sophistication and novel bench-marking of Armstrong's empirical-analytical approach, to include as well a fair portion of so-called experts at the Columbia-Cambridge level, who are held in privileged, but usefully functionary drought of truth about the mechanics of those above them in global policy. The rest of the people will simply slip on their spilled tea when the time comes. It is of no coincidence that Langley attempted to frame Armstrong to steal and appropriate the SOCRATES source code, as a modest number of of individuals will, and have otherwise become aware and react practically to an occult engineered threat to their positions and very lives. Even the Hopi, however, foresaw that the elite bunkers will not save the privileged. We have not answered the question, though, of whether survival itself will be worthwhile at such a point.

[1] https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world-news/geopolitical/world-war-iii-by-1st-week-of-september-2024/

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