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Stephen O'Neil Commentaries for December 19,  2023

This came over from Armstrong [1]. The recent large rise in insurance rates is inevitably related to the problem, and in this case the finance of statistics cannot be hidden. You can forward to John if you wish, but of course he hardly needs another reason to talk about the clot shot. In the larger picture, the general suppression of truth and reality in the press as well as government institutions is so massive that a psychology of blind acceptance has actually taken over the populace.

We are very near a point of global breakdown of civilization itself, and it is interesting to note that even CIA models for the third world war, indicating onset in 2024-25, essentially overlap the SOCRATES peaks for global war. Interesting that the recent interview doesn't mention him, but refers to the outdated Kondratiev wave mechanics - there is a degree of psy-op going on there as well.

The demeanor of conflicts in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Taiwan and DPRK all suggest a deliberate latency [stalling] accompanied by persistent failure of Western policies to recognize their error. This is very much like the Hitler's psychosis from operation Barbarossa onward, except that it is not solipsism of a dictator, but rather a form of Mesmerism or mass [formation] psychosis that pervades and distills cultivars among the Western heads of state and their many sycophants in governments, institutions and corporations. This is also how, for instance, the Lancet, JAMA, et al, can propagate such scientific swill with impunity in the face of a coerced peer review culture - that Martensen detected in spades early in 2020, as HCQ and later Ivermectin were suppressed along with any real information regarding Covid itself, and later Kory was stonewalled by in two Senate hearings holding irrefutable data.

We are much closer than we prefer to think to unstoppable demolition of our way of life, perhaps our existence itself.The notion that no one is seriously proposing nuclear war is ridiculous, as the very conditions making it inevitable are firmly in place, along with asymptotic probability of entry due to error or miscalculation - Kennedy's sword of Damocles. It is interesting, of not almost trite, to note Hodges' recent observation that a dozen and a half of leading billionaires are actively investing eight and nine figure sums into their redoubts, none of which are in the continental U.S.

Of course, we also have known about the low and sub-billionaire activities - for instance the Bush holdings in Patagonia, and a number of others' holdings in New Zealand, and the Chaney, et al holdings in the inter-mountain West. Interesting to note the recent CIA fellow who discussed world and national issues, including the Taiwan affair, pointing out that China will most likely acquire Taiwan through a more insidious regulatory and policing action from within Taiwan's infrastructure - and that a similar philosophy is far more likely a pattern for any similar move to apply influence in the U.S. Outright military columns to do so are a ridiculous notion as such projection of power is not possible, but organized localized operations that are in part coordinated through treasonous directives from within the U.S. government itself are far more plausible, and conform to the CIA model o Chinese operations extending from the Hong Kong takeover and its application expected in Taiwan.

I am sending this discussion to a more limited bcc, as I have stopped writing openly, or sending considerations to Dane Wigington, et al. Some of my writings and unconventional analysis may have already been noted in Geneva, where one does not want to be known these days. It is best to take a similar posture to the billionaires now, and have fresh D-cells ready for the Geiger counters. The election will, of course, have no differential effect on the phenomenon of our society's collapse, as it is the division itself that is irreconcilable and symmetrically divisive with any election result [see Armstrong], complicated by the fact that the law abiding conservative aspect is functionally incapable, and arguably now mentally incapable, of the mechanics necessary to emulate a process similar to that of our country's founding fathers. In addition, we have the refractory cyclic data as calculated in SOCRATES that clearly indicates Western infarction.

The answer to all of this is found in the development of cultural mycelium without a political fruiting body, designed to survive the collapse as a "distributed redoubt," that can arise as a self organizing collective effect during the aftermath phase, and holding more stable historical definitions of humanity and spiritual origin that are resistant to the current divergence and dominance of existential materialism.

The question remains whether there will be enough mental critical mass remaining to accomplish such a recovery, and in planetary conditions that may produce a return to pragmatic barbarism, as an amplified sequel to the Dark Ages following the fall of Rome. Such things need to be discussed - never mind, discussed over urgent preparations for survival itself in lieu of preoccupation with the sociopolitical compulsions our country will be fatally distracted by in the coming months. Soon enough, the excess death stats will be overwhelmed by other effects, and the massive normalcy bias and post-Covid fling thing will have a new reality to treat with.


[1] https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/vaccine/excess-deaths-thank-you-pfizer/

- Stephen O'Neil
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