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Stephen O'Neil Commentaries for December,  2023

Hello All...

Interesting remote viewing on Farsight recently [1], particularly considering the double-blind technique. Interesting too is that my you tube comment entry [bottom] was censored. The media people understand this as a matter of course, but it may escape them that the sheer degree of control being exercised on the public mind is becoming so great now that ordinary arts of persuasion will become overwhelmed by the psy-ops, and by sheer avalanche of necessity as priorities change in the developing chaos. This will be observed in the next election cycle, with great uncertainty arising between the forces of blatant corruption, and disaffection of the public mind from the national heritage instead of against those who are stealing it.

In America, much of this is already driven by a persistent attitude shift from X-generation and millennial disenfranchisement, but also by onset of geriatric passivation extending downward into the boomers. The veterans are significantly neutralized by this natural compromise of vitality, and the present younger generations, ordinarily the seat of revolution, are now so culturally castrated, in the main, that they often don't even make adequate soldiers, at least in a real combat context that is not a video game......Little wonder, though, in Milley's dress show.

It is arguable now, in the sheer vacuum I am speaking into, that I should put my intellectual efforts elsewhere from here on out, and perhaps throw the pearls into the sea where they will at least be of use to a barnacle making his shell. Perhaps there is even a rising pragmatic wisdom in my neighbor, who has stopped giving a damn about the fate of humanity.

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtaT0R1vys0

If one does not mind some detailed consideration.....

An interesting "hit" on the target subject. It is even more interesting from the perspectives of Putin that originate from less media-driven information, for instance that of Kissinger [see the FT interview, March of '22], and also Martin Armstrong [armstrongeconomics.com], whose staff are on both sides of the Dnieper.

Other excellent publicly available sources are Scott Ritter's numerous recent interviews, and Col. Douglas MacGregor. One can be reasonably certain that viewed from inside Langley as well, Putin is definitely not attempting to reestablish the Soviet Union, but, as Kissinger put it, seeing his country from a much longer historical perspective, including an earlier capital in Kiev.

It was Yeltsin, who tapped Putin because he was neither a hard line communist [Soviet reestablishment] nor an oligarch, whose interests would be dominated by selling out of Russian assets to Western business concerns [see Armstrong's discussions on the matter, esp. "The Plot to Seize Russia," 2022]. The other relevant dimension of reality on the matter is that the U.S. and Western policy have been covertly interfering with Russian politics, and have exceeded the decorum of normal economic competition.

This aspect also relates to the efforts to establish conflict with Russia with Hillary Clinton as a vehicle, and the efforts to sabotage Trump, who, regardless of matters of personality or other policies, has out rightly opposed the neo conservative bloc's covert war policy. Whether Putin may be capable of ruthlessness is up for debate, but it should be considered that he only invaded after Harris intimated that Ukraine should be part of NATO, and the very day before the action, Zelensky put forth the desire to acquire nuclear weapons.

The military operation also notably did not include obliteration of the Ukraine infrastructure or leveling of Kiev, which U.S. military strategy of recent decades certainly employs - along with uranium rounds. There is, of course, much more to the discussion, and Russia and Putin are no more angels than any other country, but from a point of view that is beyond the veneer of the propaganda, Rock Arkie's viewing is remarkably accurate - much more so than the facile, cultivated public mindset.

This, the CIA,or anyone else who is making decisions regarding their future, should find very informative. On the matter of predictive arts, I personally wrote a memo of concern a week prior to Putin's move int Ukraine, discussing concerns about Ukraine acquiring nuclear weapons. Zelensky certainly did not listen to me, but it is interesting as well that he was thinking along precisely the same lines, and was also foolish enough to speak about it - unless, of course, it was deliberate provocation, which is painfully likely.

Given the current state of ethos in world affairs, it would be very foolish to not be extremely concerned about the eventuality of nuclear war. Armstrong's code analysis indicates 2027 as the peak timeframe for that eventuality, a little later than the viewing suggests. ......

It would be quite interesting to assemble an analysis group to address some of these viewing's, especially regarding planetary ecology, which is especially plagued by a division between genuine crises and the false environmental narrative being peddled through state policies by the WEF complex. All of global socioeconomic's and even rationales for nuclear war will soon be driven by this latter set of concerns.

Peace, S.O