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Dear Customer,

Thank you for considering the JMCC WING™generator and accessories.  Energy, water and aeroponics food solutions for farm, ranch, small enterprise, Eco-Village, remote energy, water requirements and more.  Please fill out the following details so we can spec a system for you and give you a quote. With hundreds of variations, we do not have "price lists" or "products lists".  Therefore, we may first send a price estimate to see if you are both willing and able to invest in a system.

Some people might attempt to compare the WING Generator with other forms of "alternative energy" to compare pricing.  What we will do besides spec your your WING system is to compare the true cost of energy with other forms of alternative energy.  It is not the "name plate" power rating of the device that counts, but the actual amount of energy that the device will produce.  In other words, for example, a 10kW WING will provide far more energy than a 10kW solar power system or a 10kWsstandard blade wind turbine, and, at much less the cost per unit of electrical energy.  There are many factors that go into calculating the "price of energy".  These costs should include equipment, energy produced, installation, land procurement, interface electronics to connect to the grid, life of service (solar panels only last 8 years), maintenance, down time, removal after lifetime and many other factors.  For businesses we will return in your quote a ROI for your investment.

All form fields are required to be answered in some fashion.  This for our protection in a myriad of directions and happenstances.

Applicant understands that there may be extra costs above the estimate, which may include, but are not limited to:
  • Transportation Expenses
  • Local Licensed Electrician
  • Permits
  • Tariffs
  • Equipment Rental (telehandler)
  • Installation team related expenses
  • Wire, cable, electrical connectors and posts
  • Extra Battery Bank(s) over the the single deep battery bank that comes with the WING System. Be advised that Off Grid systems use only batteries.
  • Extended Warranty
  • Providing access to the proposed WING Site for a semi truck with trailer

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